A couple of days in Paris with Mrs RM, mainly so I can moan about it on my blog and upset my French reader*.

The highlight is always going to be the Sunday morning pint at St Pancras, isn’t it ?

I failed to squeeze in here when it opened before Christmas, but 9.45am is the perfect time to seen how well the Pride’s drinking.

Otter on the right

Pretty well (NBSS 3.5), even though its suffers visually in a half-pint glass. The Otter Bright was so good that Mrs RM didn’t even complain about me not buying her a Punk.

Drinking well

Credit where it’s due; Spoons has been consistent of late, and the Pride in another London Spoons was decent recently. Of course, according to many xenophobes  sentimentalists it’s actually rubbish now Fullers isn’t owned by “family” brewers.

Nothing much happening

An uneventful Spoons, an uneventful journey under the sea (you can’t really see the fish as Eurostar claim).

Completely unnecessary map

Unclaimed baggage at Gare du Nord meant a delay in hitting the capital.


We headed straight for the first authentic French craft beer bar we saw.


Hippopotamus is actually a cross between Aberdeen Angus and Pizza Hut.  Decent steaks, a choice of 1664 or a carafe of red.  Mrs RM had two of those.

They can’t do chips in France, can they ?

No spacings to speak of, but my first ever 1664 was a bit of a treat; foamy and refreshing.  First Cobra now Kronenbourg.  Will CAMRA expel me ?


*That’s a lie, I don’t have any.

29 thoughts on “MY FIRST EVER KRONENBOURG 1664

  1. I’m sitting here thinking you MUST have had a pint of 1664 before now and then I realised I don’t think I’ve ever had one. Glad to hear it’s OK.
    “you can’t really see the fish as Eurostar claim”; I was once on a train going through the Severn Tunnel when an American woman asked in all seriousness “Will we see fish?”
    No, the French really can’t do chips can they?

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  2. “It’s actually rubbish now Fullers isn’t owned by “family” brewers” can’t be true as the EGM to ratify the deal has yet to take place.

    Your “first ever 1664 was a bit of a treat” because it was brewed in France.
    On your return you must surely have a pint of it brewed in Northampton and let us know your verdict.

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    1. The Kronenbourg Brewery of Straßburg is owned by the Carlsberg Group but Kronenbourg 1664 ( a 5.5% pale lager first brewed in 1952 ) is brewed in the UK by Heineken at its Manchester brewery !
      Why’s that ?


      1. Originally licensed by S&N, then Heineken continued the licensing. Most brewed at Manchester but a lot at Hartlepool although I’m not sure if that’s continuing after the recent Manchester developments. All in all quite a strange arrangement.


  3. I was in a Spoons just down the road from Number 10 on Sunday as 15,000 10k Cancer Research charity runners,including my eldest,were finishing outside.
    As you can imagine it was busy with thirsty runners – I reckon around 200 or so.
    Impressively the unflappable staff were quite happy to give me a couple of tasters even as people around me were shouting for drink.
    The Twickenham was cool,dark and refreshing and in tip-top condition.
    The whole Spoons operation under pressure was impressive to watch with food coming up fast and plates,empty glasses etc being cleared just as quickly even the the place was jammed.
    We tend to take for granted just how well Timbo runs his vast empire of pubs.
    Compare and contrast with a couple of West End boozers that were unfriendly with taciturn staff and dreadful beer.
    It ain’t brain surgery.
    Btw,we used to call 1664 a pint of four minutes past 5.
    The Prof.

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    1. P P-T,
      Was that the Lord Moon of the Mall, the one with Timbo’s picture on the pub sign ?
      I was there last summer at about 10am on a Sunday morning as his West End venues are closed then as are proper pubs like the Harp, Chandos, Salisbury, etc. that I was waiting for.


      1. It was indeed Mudgie.
        We had plans to move on to the Harp but the lads wanted to watch the footy on Sky so ended up somewhere in Soho.
        And then we adjourned to one of my favourite bars De Hems for lots of strong Dutch beer,then the inevitable nosebag in Chinatown and it all gets a bit vague after that although the boys assure me I did ok for a old ‘un.
        The Punk IPA was at the Victoria Station Spoons on the way back to Gatwick on Monday – I’ve always been a bit dismissive of Punk for their marketing but thought I’d give it a go as I wanted something cleansing after our long,boozy lunch at my favourite London restaurant.
        The beer was superb.Not oppressively hopped but sharp with a foamy head.Not sure I could drink a lot of it though.
        And the restaurant ? L’Artiste Muscle in Shepherd’s Market.An unpretentious little bistro that’s great value.
        By heck,that response is longer than some of RM’s posts.

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  4. Now that I’ve started to drink that ‘real ale’ stuff, it’s only fair that you reciprocate and have some of that cool, refreshing, proper lager!

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  5. “even though its suffers visually in a half-pint glass”

    Hang on. The photo caption above that says ‘Otter on the right’. Since the Pride was in a half-pint glass that would mean the Otter was on the left?

    “it’s actually rubbish now Fullers isn’t owned by “family” brewers.”

    Pretty sure Asahi is a family name in Japan. 😉

    “(you can’t really see the fish as Eurostar claim).”

    I think Disney has that copyrighted on one of their rides. 🙂

    “They can’t do chips in France, can they ?”

    Nope. They do pomme frites. 🙂



    My brother lives near Lille, and I’m pretty sure when he goes for a beer it’s no more than one sixth of that! (sheesh)

    “Will CAMRA expel me ?”

    I highly doubt it. 🙂



  6. No doubt yourself and your mainstream BBB disciples will be elevating Fullers to almost Bass like heights, now that it is owned by a multi national global alcohol brand. Okay they might not be as big as your revered AB-inbev, but surely 7th largest brewing co. in the world deserves some real accolades for those supporting the big brewers.

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  7. Rather envious of you leaving from St Pancras -boring Ebbsfleet for us next week -as far as I can gather the only refreshment there is a M& S food store (& being tight Tykes,we are taking our own butties ) As a non beer drinker I am a bit anxious about my drinking strategy in Brussels but I’m sure I will be alright !

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      1. Someone did just now. I think they thought it was Paris EuroDisney. Easy mistake.

        Or breaking a journey to visit the George & Dragon at Swanscombe (I know you can’t).


    1. Don’t know how much our tickets were tbh as we booked hotel package direct with Eurostar -seemed very reasonable although our lad tells us the hotel is in a dodgy area -sure we will cope !


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