I know you’re desperate to see my holiday snaps from Paris by now, so here’s the highlights from the great Montmarte to Galeries Lafeyette crawl.

Paris 2


I’ll say this; it’s no Wolverhampton, is it ?  Loads of specialist cheese and cake shops down Rue des Martyrs, but where are all the pubs ?  It’s no wonder famous French footballers like David Ginola and Christophe Dugarry fled to civilised England at the first opportunity,

I’ll have to use the famous Pubmeister in Paris Guide later, I think, as Mrs RM somehow ends up at the posh shops.

Posh shops

I left Mrs RM at the L’oreal counter (without any euros) and climbed the six floors. The view at sunset from the terrace at Galeries Laffayette is magnificent and, more importantly, free.

Tourist shot
Famous, apparently

The info panel doesn’t point out any GBG micropubs, so I had to read Pubmeister while walking north to Pigalle past the famous underpants shop.

Russ will translate
Not as good as the windmill near Skegness, I thought

Across the road from the Moulin Rouge, Brussels Beer Project is a slice of real France, packed with bearded hipsters with their “Palettes de Degustation” and designer babies.

Not cheap
Palette preparation

Yes, babies.  Several of them, laying quietly next to the baguettes and berets, their sleep undisturbed by weird humming electro.

Proper seating

Mrs RM nabbed the last proper seat in the corner and awaited her beers and frites.

They could be jam jars

A mix of Belgian, French and Mikkellerland beers, and you could have been in Copenhagen (or Newcastle).

After those 125cl samplers, Mrs RM decided beer tastes better in pints, until we realised a pint of the Mikkeller would cost about £25.  Where’s Sam Smiths when you need them ?


The murky grapefruit French DIPA Citra was the star, though we were most impressed by a Japanese couple to our left who worked through the menu in halves while their newborn baby slept on.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be the parent who had to get up at 3am in the morning, but good on them.


19 thoughts on “MOULIN MURK

  1. Bloody Hell, that is almost Norwegian prices. No reason to go to Paris to get ripped off. I was in Strasbourg for work a few years go. Loads of beers there. Mind you, this was before the hipster craft-beer scene took off so pubs hadn’t figured out how to off load their home brew at extortionate prices yet.

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    1. Ah, Strasbourg. Practically German. Was there in 2010 and found loads of interesting “craft” beer for £4-5 a half litre. Those beers in Paris (and the other bars since have been very similar) are meant to be sipped, Mind, a pint of 1664 or Stella is 8 euros ! I’d say prices in Berlin for food and drink are 60% of those in Paris.


      1. It was also before the pound plunged by fifteen percent against the euro, I expect, Martin, for reasons which need not detain us…


      2. *Sorry, that was in response to Morten. But it’s fair to say, that a pint of OBB in Hartlepool will cost you rather less than in Hampstead too.


  2. I love the Moulin Rouge. There used to be a painting of it at my Nan’s, in the bedroom we slept in when we stayed over. It used to intrigue me as a small child. I was amazed when I first saw it in real life, it was just the same as my Nan’s print. I shouldn’t have been, why can’t there be a small piece of Paris in the back bedroom of a South Yorks council house. Sad about the poor people who perished in the fire in Paris last night.


    1. As a child I was intrigued by a picture of the Taj Mahal but I have never been there.
      Yes, indeed, and four children perished in a fire on the other side of Stafford last night


    2. I think I’ve mentioned before the passionate affair I had with a topless dancer from the Moulin Rouge.
      Her name was Melitta.She was English with quite a lot of gypsy blood in her.
      Mad as a bag of cut snakes.
      But with nipples the size of Scammel wheel nuts.
      I know,too much information.But still …

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      1. P P-T,
        Martin only went to Paris and photographed the Moulin Rouge so to prompt you into giving a few more details about that old friend of yours.

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      2. P P-T,
        Your mention of Scammel wheel nuts reminds me of this old footage of Watneys vehicles ( between 15 and 16 minutes )-


  3. Good post. They start them young in France and there’s even a Scottish beer on that till receipt. I can’t recall the Skegness windmill being quite as illuminated. Further down that road is a rather seedy stretch. Sounds like good fun.


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