A rare appearance by a long-forgotten Culture Club single from that summer of ’83, and a rare appearance by our two lads, pictured in a Sheffield pub on Saturday morning.

This was a flying visit to check our undergrad lad was eating “properly“. He certainly demolished a Balti at 7 Spices near Shakespeare’s.

You’ll be impressed by the lacings on the Cobra and the mango lassi.

Better than you’d think
Mango lacings spectacular

A tremendously cheery curry house, though the lentils were lagging behind the lacings in the 7 Spices on this occasion.

James staying near here next term

In the morning we met up at Depot Bakery in Neepsend, a suburb which is overtaking Kelham Island as Hipster HQ.  Mrs RM tried to get the boys to pose for a sibling cuddle for their grandparents, a venture doomed to failure.  Sourdough to match that place next to Cask Ancoats.

Matt is quite taken with this “new” Sheffield. Next door to the Depot is the Cutlery Works, a giant food court to rival Mackie Mayor.  Decent keg but payment arrangements designed to irritate.


And next to that is the Church (Temple of Fun) , opened last year by Bring Me The Horizon’s frontman.  That last bit will mean something to those of you under 25, I guess.


I only knew about Church because I scour What Pub for pre-emptive ticks.

“100% Vegan bar, eatery, games arcade and clothes shop” . And one hand pump, so a GBG entry is technically possible, in an alternate universe.

11.30am, the gamers have taken over the pods.

Games pods on the right not great for trad drinkers

I can see Stafford Paul heading here for the keg,


Unwisely, I bought Mrs RM a half of the cask, as Brass Castle rarely disappoint.


Sadly, a little “sharp” (NBSS 2.5). Whereas the clothing is strictly slacker.


Matt has already decided Uni is not for him, but I suspect an apprenticeship in retail in Sheffield would suit him well.




  1. Only on seeing that map did I realise that there’s a National Emergency Services Museum. There must be thousands of National something or other Museums.

    “And one hand pump” might have been copied from the Brown Bear.

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    1. But has anyone else noticed that it’s not much of an “r” on that Brass Castle punpclip and so any ageing drinker with less than perfect eyesight might read it as Bass ?

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      1. It’s quite hard to make out what it says at all really, and so you could easily recognise it as the more familiar “Bass”, yes.


      2. I think they’re trying to appeal to the Asian population*.

        * – and when I say ‘Asian’ I mean, as most of the world does, Japanese and Chinese, who can’t roll their r’s to save their lives. 😉


  2. On my way back from that there London after a weekend visiting my two college kids.
    Observations.Even after working in London for 30 years I’ve never seen so many cranes.The place is booming.
    Cask ales was uniformly dreadful.Warm and flat.Except for the Twickenham in a Spoons.
    I had Punk IPA for the first time and it was excellent.
    I never heard the word Brexit mentioned once in three days.

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    1. Yes, UK land and construction services have not been this cheap for quite some time, for the global investor-developer.

      Bad luck on the cask. You should have looked in at the Stormbird or the Speaker.

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    2. Loads of excellent points here. Spoons still generally reliable, Punk IPA as good as ever, particularly in Spoons, and BREXIT isn’t as important to people as the BBC would like to believe (which doesn’t make it a good thing).


    3. P P-T,
      Cask not what it could be and so pub goers turning to keg.
      Now isn’t that what was happening fifty years ago ?
      Maybe what we need is four young men on holiday in Ireland.

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      1. I watched the England v Ireland game in a small rammed boozer just off High Holborn.
        Five handpumps and virtually everyone was on lager or Guinness.
        I tried two pints of London Pride.Just on the right side of barely drinkable but warm and lifeless.
        Cask is dying on its arse in many of the places we drank in.

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  3. “Church of the Poison Mind” was my favourite Culture Club song, largely due to Helen Terry’s excellent backing vocals.
    There is a market for old CRT TVs for use as film props, apparently.

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  4. “and a rare appearance by our two lads,”

    Was that posed or taken ‘on the fly’?

    “though the lentils were lagging behind the lacings”

    Alphabetically that will always be the case. 😉

    “Decent keg but payment arrangements designed to irritate.”

    We’re starting to get that over here. I thought paper/coin money was supposed to be good anywhere?

    “Games pods on the right not great for trad drinkers”

    I thought that was one of those Japanese micro sleeping booths.

    “I can see Stafford Paul heading here for the keg,”

    I’m starting to think prices over here (since it’s all keg) aren’t all that bad.

    “Whereas the clothing is strictly slacker.”

    Is that on loan from the Tate?

    “but I suspect an apprenticeship in retail in Sheffield would suit him well.”

    One word… trades.



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