I was going to mention my visit to the Crown Posada in the Newcastle posts, but they upset your Bass Loyalist with this tweet;

But there’s no point holding grudges, and we’ve just spent £40 on beer and chips in a Parisian Begian beer bar (Mrs RM is pissed), so let’s live and let live.

Just for a change, here’s the aerial shot.

Crown Posada

The walk from Town Mouse down to Side (great name for a street) takes in some architecture that eclipses Paris.



Not sure why the Crown Posada is quite so revered, but it is a thing of simple beauty. I guess the Briton’s Protection or the Elm Tree would be Manchester or Cambridge equivalents, though it feels even more basic than those two.



My glasses were steamed up when I entered, but the barman showed rare patience.

What you looking for, something light ?, something dark ?”

I can’t see the beers !

It was so much easier when the answer was “Bass, please“.

I just wanted the last beer pulled, which I guessed was Tyneside Blonde.  Fair enough.

No football scarves, just blokes with pints and papers. Serious stuff.

A couple of Old Boys played dominoes, but I was definitely in the upper quartile age-wise.  Most punters were in their late ’20s, as evidenced by the Led Zep soundtrack.

Creamy head

Bustling but not manic, with proper seats down to the loos.

Oddly reassuring to see so little change; just a relaxing place to sink a decent pint (NBSS 3/3.5). I’ll probably go back when I inevitably have to return for the two brewery taps.

Anyway, great pub.  But bring back the Bass.



  1. Our visit was very quiet and there were a lot of people reading newspapers. The ambiance was more like a library than a bustling pub. I liked it a lot, but it definitely had a unique feel to it.


      1. As great as Posada, Britons and Peveril are, they are not the pubs I would choose to sit in for extended periods of time. Great places though.


  2. One of my favourite pubs of all time. I once witnessed the bar man open a packet of multicoloured straws, he then pulled out all the red and white ones and threw them in the bin.

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  3. “(Mrs RM is pissed)”

    Don’t know about over there but over here ‘pissed’ has two definitions. 😉


    For a second I thought that was Paris. 🙂

    “I can’t see the beers !”

    You should see me going in and out of the wife’s commercial kitchen at home when I’m getting the lunch truck ready in the morning.

    “with proper seats down to the loos.”

    Does that mean good sitting all the way to the loos or good seats including those in the loos?

    “But bring back the Bass.”

    Sadly I doubt they will. I’m beginning to think at my age ‘change’ mostly means keeping the things I don’t like and chucking those that I do. 😉


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