16th January 2020

Day 2 of the Cornish coaster, and a trip at dusk to the village shop where my Sis worked for a while during her year of self-discovery in Falmouth.


Tucked in tiny lanes between the contrasting towns of Falmouth, Truro and Redruth you find the old mill town of Ponsanooth, home to 1,089 souls (which equates to daily pasty consumption of 15,783).

If you’re good at maths (US :Math) you’ll also be able to work out that there’s a brewery for every 363 folk. Woodman’s, Dynamite Valley and Treen; the latter two tucked up a narrow lane next to the sewage works.


You can’t actually see the sewage works. Or the breweries.


More breweries than pubs (1) AND they have to share a vicar with Mabe. I’msure Mabe is thrilled.

St Michael AND All Angels

The Stag Hunt serves curry from 6, so at opening time an hour earlier I had the run of the pub to myself, and very inviting it was too.

Bar stools await

It’s good to see pubs taking my advice on board and stocking local beers, in this case a robust bitter from the picturesque village of Rock.

Doom Bar ? It’ll never catch on

Woodman’s beer comes in Mrs RM-friendly strengths.


But I went for Treens, because the enthusiastic Landlord raved about it, which is as close as I’d get to a “Which beer’s selling fastest ?” recommendation.

Weird jam jars

Let me be truthful. It was fine, smooth and well kept (NBSS 3), but tasted like 90% of the beer being produced for village pubs like The Stag Head around the country.

The 10% includes Verdant, of whom more later, and Rebel, whose beers are being produced by the aforementioned Dynamite Valley. Good luck finding them.


  1. I was a bit saddened that the Treen’s turned out to be maybe not quite as rave-worthy as the landlord would have led you to believe. Still, I’m going to go out on a limb and say that you enjoyed it more than you would have the Fig Leaf & Honey Saison. 😉

    During my time reading your blog, I believe this is the closest your ticking travels have brought you to Land’s End. Next I will be looking to see how close you get to John O’ Groats!

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  2. Have to disagree about the Classic as its my go to session beer. Mind, I imagine the previous Sk****rs beer will have damaged your taste buds! Can recommend the Stag on a Saturday afternoon when it becomes Treens tap. Smoulder Rauchbier on last.
    (Warning, not golden grapefruit juice).


  3. Generally in Cornwall, pub beer quality is hit and miss. Too many times I’ve asked how the beer is and got ‘ no idea, I don’t drink beer’ etc. Spoons and St Austell seem to be reliable of course. Maybe its countrywide?

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    1. Yes, it is very much countrywide.

      Pubs that sell enough beer to empty a barrel within 3 days and know how to clean lines will always be a better bet than a free house with 4 unusual beers on but everyone drinking Amstel or wine. I bet you’d get an excellent pint of Treen at the Falmouth or Helston Spoons if they ever put it on but of course the prime consideration there is getting a beer for £2.

      Have you seen any Dynamite Valley (ex. Rebel) beers? I really liked their dark range.

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      1. Only see Dynamite and Rebel these days at the Dynamite cafe down the valley at the brewery but the Rebel is NOT the sane. You have been warned. Dynamite easier to find in bottles at local beer shops.
        Old 80\ much missed

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