16th January 2020 (still)

No, I couldn’t resist it.

Taken that afternoon

Particularly since it involved an impersonation of Joker on the way down to The Moor.

Who needs the Bronx ?

Seven Stars

My third trip to the Seven Stars, all since the Rev John Barrington Bennetts died. 5 points if you know what makes the Rev unique.

In 2020, the year that Wickingman saves Bass, all you need for a post is a picture of Bass and a random quote from an Old Boy, which could be yourself. That’s just as well, as these photos are my ropiest since the last Sam Smiths pub.

There was a tremendous smell of curry as I approached the door, probably from the Nepalese restaurant I’m waiting for Dick and Dave (happy retirement) to review.

Rubbish lighting to blame

January is a bit quiet, as bores folk who never go to the pub anyway compete to tell us how much they’re not going to the pub.

That silliness doesn’t apply to the folk who frequent the Seven Stars.

Since before BRAPA was born

You can trust a pub with GBG stickers obscuring the windows.

You can trust a pub where everyone is older than you.

And you can trust a pub where they served Draught Bass from the barrel.

I took a photo of the Bass being decanted and received a polite inquiry as to what I was doing.

“Don’t mind me I just take photos of Bass being poured” I said, unconvincingly, but he seemed convinced.


It was very good, cool and rich (NBSS 3.5) with a natural head (discuss).

And it got better, and the chaps at the bar seemed to be putting it back quicker than me, so I had to have another one to catch up. Don’t try this with Lees Harvest Ale.

And don’t read anything into this photo, either.


That second pint was nectar, and went down so quick the Old Boy on my right gave me a funny look.

At the bar, a well-dressed raconteur was telling us about the greats (not BRAPA). His mother had dined with Tommy Trinder, probably without Bass. I have a feeling that Mr Everitt Snr would love this place.

But what about the Bass tat ?” you ask.


Perhaps not as much as I remember, but they do have a proper machine selling those sweets that break your teeth, so fair’s fair.


Rarely have I felt so cosy, and would have stayed for a third Bass, but that curry smell that wafted in when Tommy Trinder man left reminded me I need to eat. Urgently.


  1. “January is a bit quiet, as bores who never go to the pub anyway compete to tell us how much they’re not going to the pub”.
    Well, I woke up this morning and thought I hadn’t been to the pub much this January and that there’s a chance of a pint of Old Tom in Macclesfield so that’s where I went.
    None of the pub’s were as proper as the Seven Stars but it were a Proper Day Out.

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      1. Yes, Old Tom [ beer of the day ] in the Silk Trader,
        other Robinsons in the George & Dragon and Nags Head,
        Bass in the Jolly Sailor [ pub of the day ],
        Hydes in the Mandarina,
        Holts in the Queens
        and Otter in the Wharf.
        Then gets back to Stafford and realises I forgot to get in the Waters Green Tavern.

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  2. A pint of Bass in the Seven Stars is one of the things that I miss greatly since my move to rural Ireland. Well that and decent internet.


      1. Hi
        I’m Amy that owns the Seven Stars, the pub is still very much in the family. Im the 7th generation and my 9month old little boy is the 8th!
        Thank you for the lovely comments.
        The bass ‘tat’ is in the cabinet in the Vicars retreat, which is through the door to the right of the picture of your Bass Clock picture.

        Hope to see you return soon

        Best Wishes

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  3. “Five pints if you know what makes the Rev unique”.
    The Reverend Barrington Bennetts might have been the only known priest in Cornwall to own and run a pub, and certainly the only known priest in Cornwall to have Draught Bass on gravity dispense.

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