Yesterday was my Bass day.


I needed a Bass day, having just worked out where my pictures on my early posts here have gone (I’d deleted them).  Good job Mrs RM is an IT expert. Perhaps I can get my youngest son to increase storage space and put the photos back as his work experience week.

Sis and I had early plans to push the limits of Cornish public transport and tick off an outlier near Helston, but it was time for her to discover the Seven Stars.


Sis has worked away through most of Falmouth‘s varying pubs, but this one looks a bit austere and “old-man” from the perspective of The Moor, itself not the most attractive street in the town.

This was the only pub I knew before my first Falmouth trip I wrote about in October, when the newer bars made most impression. It was famed as an unspoilt ale house with beers, notably Bass, from the barrel, and lived up to its reputation, although the Bass wasn’t the beer of the night.

The Bass was much better last night (NBSS 3.5) and with good company the whole experience was pretty much perfect.  Sis enjoyed the Porthleven (NBSS 3), which I thought a bit floral, and she may well come round to the Bass cause yet.


Perhaps more Coopers or Coachmakers Arms than Pontfaen Arms, but it has a bit of that feel of drinking in a friend’s living room, if your friend has fairy lights and key rings on their ceiling.

We had a debate over the merits of strip lighting and fairy lights, but agreed that this is an anti-design classic, and as comfortable a place to sit listening to pointless pub chatter as anywhere. At 6pm it wasn’t heaving, but it doesn’t take many folk here to create atmosphere.

The back room is a classic in its own right, with its own Bass shrine which was all a bit too much for me at my age. Sis had to help me from my prostrate position out before the landlord banned me.


Nick from Erlangen, who knows a good pub, asked for recommendations for UK towns to visit, and I placed Falmouth very highly.  Alongside Bass we drank some wonderful beer, cask and keg, last night.

I’ve now put two pubs from Falmouth in my Top 100, and there will be one more to follow soon. Perhaps unusually, I think it will only get better as a beery destination.

I don’t think I’ll be taking my Mum here when she visits for my niece’s wedding in May though, the net curtains may disappoint.


  1. glad it’s still going, visited it for the Telegraph in 2011 (I think) and I loved it, but then the vicar landlord died so I was concerned it would change, tbh I like the Bass in the Coopers more, but the Seven Stars, the Star in Bristol and the Coopers are the only places in the UK I dare try Bass.


    1. Good point – I nearly said. only Coopers and New Inn Tywardreath better in my experience.

      Re: Star, do you mean one in Pucklechurch Bristol; Star in Bath is more famed but I didn’t rate Bass there.

      Your general point, Bass quality a lottery, but when it’s good !


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