So, IS Helston the new Falmouth ?

Don’t be daft.

But I did enjoy the trio of trad pubs accompanying the Blue Anchor back in October, and the beer in all of them was GBG quality (NBSS >3.17).

And the seating in the Inn & Still may appal traditionalists but would find favour with art students in Penryn (possibly).

To be honest the last pub of the mini-Helston crawl picked itself.

A short hop up the hill to admire the potential future micropub sites,

and the shop fronts,

and I was at the Bell, next door to the Rodney.

This time I popped in the pub before ordering the crispy beef and Singapore rice, as the Bell looked a little bit smarter.

Though actually, now I look closely the fold here were eating their takeaways too.

An ambitious £4.60 for the Doom Bar (when in Cornwall etc) but it was a cool and tasty NBSS 3.18, so that’s OK.

A young crowd, hence music from the current century.

Actually, I’m struggling here. It was all a bit adequate. Jad Garden’s effort’s were rather better.

Having a Chinese takeaway on two (2) successive nights isn’t a great look, is it ? But someone has to save them.

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