You left me after two pints, including a Special, in the Blue Anchor,

a lovely pub to get tipsy in, even if the ale “tastes like beer used to taste decades ago“. Thanks for that, John.

I turned left out of the pub and realised there was (almost) nothing beyond the Grylls Monument.

In homage to Bear G himself, I was tempted to seek a pint in the bowls club, but chickened out and did the Spoons because, well, 50p tokens.

It was a bad move; the Elgoods Double Swan was as indistinct and wishy-washy (though not actually off) as any beer this year, and the craft would have been the better bet but of course the 28% of CAMRA hardliners voted against us getting that crucial discount on keg back in Coventry.

Only an earnest discussion amongst housewives about generous presents saved the day. “One year he had that Makita drill; top of the range it was“. In our household Mrs RM buys her own power tools.

I wasn’t feeling ready for the hill, so nipped in Hoi Yan to order the crispy beef and Singapore rice I’d ordered WHILE WALKING from the Blue Anchor. See, men CAN walk and think at the same time.

Armed with plastic bag, I considered options for a last drink of the night (it was barely 18:00).

The Meadery looked fun, but what the heck is “mead” ? Is it a sour ?

I shall never know.

Far better to go in an “Only Fools & Horses” themed pub 317 miles from Peckham.

I had no idea what I was doing. I left my bag of Chinese by the drain outside the entrance, and marched to the Rodney’s bar.

Did you know there are sixteen (16) pubs named after Rodney ? Blimey.

I entered to a familiar tune;

and was met at the bar with “What did you put outside ?”. Was there a law against it ?

Just my takeaway” suddenly defensive.

Oh, you could have eaten it in here”. I like that, but only an alpha male will know the joy of eating crispy beef and Singapore rice in your underpants in a Premier Inn while listening to LBC.

That’s OK. but thanks anyway“.

Sorry, I was just curious” said the landlady.

BE curious” I said, scarily.

Modernised town pubs” says WhatPub; Boak & Bailey noted the family friendliness in 2015.

It was lovely. Not a GBG pub (more Natch, Rattler and Thatchers Gold), but the Hicks was a 3 and there was lots of “redheaded ex-girlfriend” action that went over my head but Si would have loved.

I was warming to Helston long before I finished my NCTSS 3.5 feast and fell asleep at 8.


  1. Keg mead is available at the Royal Albert in New Cross but I did not feel that brave.
    Did you visit on your New Cross excursion along with the back street Sam Smiths the Royal George newly refurbished and very cosy.
    The Royal Albert used to be the Paradise Bar a notorious low life haunt that was eventually closed by the council but is now a very pleasant dining pub

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  2. The only place I have come across Meaderies is in Cornwall -there is one in Newlyn that looks like a throwback to the 70’s -I’ve no idea what they do .I have had mead in the past -there is not much I don’t like but mead is one

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  3. Perhaps I am missing somewhere, but would it not have been more sensible to have called in at the Rodney prior to purchasing that rather nice looking Chinese takeaway?

    That way, your meal would have remained hot, and you would not have run the risk of someone stepping on it, nicking it, or even adding something nasty to it. Not that I’m a suspicious, untrusting sort of person.

    Moving swiftly on, somewhere at the back of one of the kitchen cupboards, we’ve still got a bottle of spiced mead, purchased back in 2013, at a Prague Christmas Market. It seemed like a good idea at the time!


    1. You sound like my mum, Paul, obsessing over food being “hot”. I often eat my Chinese takeaway about 4 hours after I buy it, or the next morning, and haven’t died once ;-0.

      To be honest, I wasn’t going to call in the Rodney, just walk homing swinging my bag, but two pints of Spingo dulls the senses.

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      1. Martin, I’m pleased your mum gave some sound advice, and we should always take note of what our mothers say to us. Sadly, my mother is no longer around, but she always had the best interests of her children, at heart. Things tend to stick in one’s mind, and there are moments when I recall some particular “advice” from my mother – often with a wry smile.

        Food being “hot” is more of an issue when the degree of heat indicates lack of adequate cooking. Once the food is cooked, I tend to agree that Chinese food, in particular, can still taste good the following morning.

        My main concern was some local “scrote” stamping on your takeaway bag, or even making off with it – “for a laugh.”

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