16th January 2020

I’m not saying it’s a problem, but Falmouth has TWO (2) of my Top 10 pubs, and for a couple of months Hand Bar was a third before it went awry.

I’m not disclosing how many pubs are in my Top 10, mind.

But ‘Front is definitely in there. Even if only because the apostrophe at the start will irritate some of you.

Compare and contrast the view from the ‘Front with the view to it.



Tucked alongside the world famous (in Cornwall) Trago Mills, where I bought insoles for my new shoes for the princely sum of £1.05 the next morning, and behind Harbour Lights chippy, one of the UK’s greats.


If I lived in Falmouth I’d eat calamari in ‘Front every night and be dead by Christmas, which would be annoying as I only have 501 (like Levi’s) Guide pubs left to complete the GBG.

Yes, in Burton you take your pint of Bass in the Apne, here you take your fish in the pub.



Weirdly, this was temporarily out of the Guide when I first visited Falmouth five years ago, rather like the Coopers was shamefully excluded in favour of a Glenrothes Brewers Fayre last year.

On five visits since the I’ve thought it one of the very best for pubbiness and beer. Sis loves the dark beers here; sadly she was tucked up near Helston with Ovaltine and missed out on her favourite Tintagel Gwaf Tan.


But, what’s this ?


Yes, the best just got better, my third Bass in an hour a silky 3.5.


Loads of young people drinking quality cask, and not just once a year at a beer festival.

Perhaps it’s the Pink Fizz & Elderflower handwash that brings them in. Good for getting chip stains off.

There’s always something on that will delight/infuriate you. Tonight it’s the open mic night. My version of Crass’s “”How Does It Feel” went down badly.

A great, great pub that only gets better.

And, who knows, you may be able to help them complete the complex puzzle that’s been tormenting the greatest brains in Cornwall since 2011;


11 thoughts on “ON THE ‘FRONT

  1. Totally agree, ideally placed to wait out the Saturday shopping trip with a pasty and 10% off before 6pm.
    Personally I think it’s the best Bass in town but I may be biased!

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  2. MJC,
    Mentioning “shopping trip” in the context of Falmouth reminds me that about a dozen years ago while on holiday staying in the Earl of Chatham at Lostwithiel as Mrs TSM and Miss TSM were shopping in Falmouth I was walking to the Seven Stars and heard “Hello, Paul, What are you doing here ?” and it was Pete, the Cornish licensee of a Stafford pub.


      1. Golden Guinea Breweries Plc is a Nigerian brewery located in Umuahia and I think you’ve recently shown us a photo of a toilet in Umuahia.
        The Three Guineas is a pub adjacent to Reading railway station that I used on my fortieth birthday.

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  3. We took fish & chips in there -they were excellent -a very civilised solution for lunch ( unlike Tunbridge Wells yesterday which seemed to be a food free zone after 3pm despite websites saying different ) we went hungry 7 ate in maidstone

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    1. Pauline,
      When I were a lad I knew Proper Pubs that wouldn’t have a chip pan as chips took the head off the beers and customers would think there were summut wrong with it.
      Then came tight sparklers and the flattest of beer looks perfectly drinkable.


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