28th December 2019

Some of our friends take exotic holidays over Christmas to places like Florida, Tenerife and Tunbridge Wells.

Boxing Day. The Imperial, Southborough

Mrs RM wanted to go to Preston.

Not, it transpires, to see whether the John Smiths in the Market Tap is as good as I said, but to look at actual houses in actual streets to live in.

Plug & Taps

Don’t worry, Matthew. We won’t be terrorising you yet. Mrs RM wanted to spend a couple of nights in the centre to see if it became full of ne’er do wells and gangsta rappers after dark.

Only Green Devil drinkers to worry about, apparently.


We dumped our bags in the Premier Inn, explored the area around Avenham Park, saw some interesting properties a third of Cambridge prices, and then retired to Plug & Taps.

Nice windows

This is the one I visited a week before it made the new Beer Guide, impressed with the beer and the Paul Raynor photos.

Mrs RM wasn’t interested in going upstairs for a pee and some PNE, so I got her an 8% Cloudwater DIPA

Craft, innit

As with Matthew, I only had eyes for the Green Devil, which was almost approaching the standards of a certain purveyor of autovac loveliness you may remember from Mussleburgh (NBSS 3.5/4).

Could be our local one day

A cheery place with a helpful Landlord who found me a decent German non-alcoholic Pils the next morning when we ambushed Matthew on his Green Devil Day.

Then we walked the 5 minutes to the station, and after that it all went a bit awry.


16 thoughts on “PLUGGING PRESTON

  1. That’s a nice reminder of two nights and seventeen pints in Preston last year.
    Somehow I didn’t make time for that Plug & Taps – but it doesn’t look as good as Humphrey’s Old Blue Bell. .

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Scott,
        In the Black Horse most recently there were two casks of Old Tom in the cellar and it was expected on the next day.
        The next day Dick, Dave and myself found it in Stockport’s Swan With Two Necks, where I’ll return to on Thursday..

        Liked by 2 people

      1. Martin,
        Maybe you could contact him via that Moulin Rouge dancer, the one with the ………….


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