Yes, new cover stars for our penultimate Preston post.  Note the Two Mudgies (BBC 4, Thursdays, 1.30am) discussing the pronunciation of Thwaites.

Reaching the inevitable climax now, we headed back toward the market and, er, the Market.

Market Tap

Whether the Market Tavern or Tap, I care not.

Paul’s eyes light up at the sight of “cocktails”

Well, I’m going with what it says on the glass floor down to the cellar.

Not my shoes

It’s at least a decade since I came here, finding it beery and irreverent and bustling.

Just cross the “Tavern” out then

A lot smarter, classy even, and a bit quieter.  Where have the dirty overall brigade gone ?

Scared off by flowers on tables and real ales with Paddington bear style tags dangling from the pumps ?

Jam jars !

And the Smooth version of Johns Smith’s replaced by the cask ?


Yes, folks, the biggest event in real ale history since Stockport voted a Sam Smiths their pub of the year (twice).

Sadly, I’d actually missed the John’s at the bar and gone with Plum Porter, which as you can imagine was a real hardship.


Cool, rich, chewy, superb, as Titanic’s flagship often is (NBSS 3.5+). If the Tavern/Tap can sell enough cask I think they’re a shoe-in for my Top 100.

“Oh, they’re using John Smith’s glasses for your achingly trendy DIPAs ?”  I asked.

“No, it is John Smith’s”

A master at work

Old Mudgie was dutifully writing down beer scores and joyfully noting the playing of “Jessie’s Girl” on Rick Springfield’s 70th birthday*. I bet Rick is a John Smith’s man.

I scuttled back for a half of the John’s, skilfully decamped into my Plum Porter glass.

I think I may just have invented heaven, you know.



*Rumours that we plan to celebrate John “Cougar” Mellancamp’s 70th birthday listening to Jack & Diane in Maidenhead Conservative Club on 7/10/21 are purely that. Rumours.


  1. Legend has it that if the Tower of London ravens are lost or fly away, the Crown will fall and Britain with it.
    Nonsense,of course,but I’d start becoming seriously concerned if I saw Staffs Mudgie with anything other than rolled-up sleeves.Definitely a sign that no-deal Brexit was imminent.

    PS: I’ve told you before young Martin about shoo-in.If it happens again you’ll be held back at school for extra homework.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m only trying to save you from a Russ mauling.
        Anway,I thought people from the fens only conversed by semaphore …


      2. And by rights it should be bastardise.
        But I’ll let you off your Americanism on account of spending those hours in the Ear Inn.


  2. “Note the Two Mudgies discussing the pronunciation of Thwaites” with me insisting that it’s got an “h”, an “I” and an “e”.

    P P-T,
    Do you agree that roll up cigarettes go with rolled-up sleeves ?.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m partial to the occasional rollie myself.
      And I do roll up the sleeves on any shirt I wear.
      So yes would be the answer …


    1. I’m not surprised you’ve never seen it. Possibly find it in half a dozen West Yorkshire pubs, possibly the more upmarket ones.

      Did I ever tell you about the day a heavily pregnant Mrs RM drove me to four pubs in rural Barnsley where I drank four pints of John Smiths and fell asleep on the way home.

      She never lets me forget it.

      Liked by 2 people

    1. P P-T
      I got round ten Bristol pubs twelve days ago and my favourites were the Kings Head, Bag of Nails and Nova Scotia.
      Better planning and we could have met up for a pint or two.,


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