Just for Dave, a young Bob staring out at our hazy DIPAs and unfined stouts from the racks of Vinyl Tap, Number 7 on our Proud Preston Potter (oh no, that’s Stoke).

vinyl tap

Back in December I thought this was an absolute certainty for the next GBG, but of course you’ll need to wait for the glorious 12th to buy your un-privileged copy and find out if I’m right.

He’s always first in, isn’t it ?

The big question is “Does Vinyl Tap play Matthew’s Herb Alpert cassettes ?”

Not obviously, as Hot Fuss by the Killers seemed to be hogging the Hi-Fi. I swear I saw Pub Curmudgeon tapping his toes to Mr Brightside, but he WILL deny it.

Name all five beers for 10 points

The impact of three non-alcoholic beers was wearing off by now, and I succumbed to the one with the silly name.

What’s wrong with Amber (not her)

This was great, rich and silky NBSS 3.5. In fact, the overall beer quality across Preston that Friday night was notably higher than, ooh, Worcester.

But the best was yet to come.

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