Matthew had promised me a “scary tour” of his ‘hood.  Plungington is lively, but can I politely suggest that Matt has never worn that paisley shirt within sight of Maidenhead Cons Club.

Not the most complex half-hour walk in history to GBG newbie No.3, the attractively named Plunginton, but on the way I got the sort of domestic detail normally only heard on BRAPA trips to Leigh and Atherton.


And then Matthew made me stop for a pre-emptive tick.  “But I don’t do pre-emptive ticks Matthew !

But Vinyl Tap has “BYO vinyl”, including some real rarities you can buy,

Little known Scandi-pop and folk weirdness

and fun games it’s hard to say correctly after five pints,

Romanian craft DIPA

and some rare comic books for real oddballs.

Not worth THAT much, says our expert.

Sure, it’s a micro, but nearly All Human (Preston) Life was here, apart from the sub-category you see in Pop !

That’s a plant, not a person in a bottle

But was any of that life playing the cask lottery ?, or just decking Moretti while they shouted over AC/DC.

Well, the BrewYork was excellent (NBSS 3.5), and you’ll recall how dismissive I was of the beer at their Tap.  Being run by the same folk as the Moorbrook clearly helps.

House Beer from Blackjack

If you had to stand up you might hate it, I think I loved it.

Possibly the handwash swung it.

LUXURY Pearlescent – yum

Could have stayed longer, but we didn’t want to miss staring at/being stared at by diners in the Plungington, and there’s a video from there to come.

8 thoughts on “VINYL TAP

  1. Like the idea of Paisley shorts. Noticed Vinyl Tap in Ale Cry plus a new micro called Plugs and Taps. Also new micros in Higher Walton and Bamber Bridge. Truly a never ending pub crawl as someone notable once called it.


    1. All the Fenland hopsters wear Paisley shorts to pick pumpkins. Good name for a new blog, Alan wouldn’t mind ! Yes, the micro expansion continues unchecked in Lancashire, perhaps unsurprisingly. Vinyl Tap on its 3rd name in18 months, hard to keep up.

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