That’s what Mrs RM says to me

Are there any songs about November ? I’ve had a great November.


56 new Beer Guide pubs (par); East London,South Yorkshire, Norfolk, Glasgow, Leicestershire and Northants complete, and some wonderful pubs to restore your faith in humanity the GBG.

I reported on two trips to the fascinating country of Scotland, the Faroe Islands of the south.


My report on Huntly 4 v Buckie 3 was my most read post of the month, being read by everyone actually present at that classic match.

A classic pie, too.

Culinary heaven

A failure to prove the existence of Nessie was the only dampener on the month.


Mid-month I was dodging the floods in the Peak District, Sheffield and Fishlake, which made me realise how risky this ticking business is.

My Pub of the Month was the New Inn at Aberchirdir, where I received a magificent welcome and a Windswept Wolf that was becoming as ubiquitous as Doom Bar.

Copper table

The pub or club with most facilities was Drax Social Club. In particular the view of Drax Power Station went straight into my Top 10 Power Station views.


Beer was consistently good all month. Take that, GBG critics. I even found cask in Aberdeen Brew Dog, akin to finding Livingstone in Africa.

Beer of the month, especially for the beer twatter folk who are here by mistake, was this one;

Yes, the Greene King collaboration treacle stout in my local Chef & Brewer. Weird, eh?

Best Chinese takeaway. Lucky in Carlisle. No filter.


December Preview.

I’ve got trips to Leicester and Daventry to bring you up to date, then a month of gigs in Manchester, Hackney and Southampton.

I should finish London, Notts and Berks this month, and I’m exploring an interesting place to spend my birthday (it’s on 22 December).

I’ll be devastated if I don’t tick off 60 GBG pubs in December, given that December includes my birthday on the 22nd. (it’s on the 22nd).

Let’s hope I find Pubmen as iconic as this at Christmas.


    1. I intend being on the Wadworths 6X in the Anchor at High Offley on his birthday just as I have been every Sunday lunchtime before Christmas since 1976 and I shall make sure this year that Martin has a very warm welcome, the seat next to the proper fire.

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      1. Normally abroad on my birthday (it’s the 22nd) but last year I spent it in Ulverston, woken at 2am by oiks singing “Let it go” under my hotel window. Even the session at Prince of Wales in Froxfield didn’t knock me out.

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      2. And “romance” reminds me that it on the Wadworths 6X in the Anchor at High Offley during the Sunday lunchtime before Christmas 1990 that I met Mrs TSM.

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  1. Is there going to be a post on your top 10 power station views? That would surely be the best webpage ever created.

    My only problem with Carlisle having a decent Chinese takeaway is that the chippy opposite Citadel railway station is marvellous, thus making the Chinese hard to visit.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Of course, it’s your Top 10. Sadly I’ve never been to Sandown Adventure Land as you need to own a twild to go.


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