There’s been a bit of coverage of Drax Power Station lately, mainly bemoaning the loss of the Ferrybridge towers that brightened every ticker’s journey up the A1.


Oddly, I’ve never seen “Visit Drax” on the Yorkshire Tourist brochures left in my hotel rooms in Harrogate, Wakefield and York.

So it falls to the Good Beer Guide to draw me to the gleaming towers of Drax on a wet Wednesday in November.


Stuff your London

Of course, I’m also here to see if Drax Sports & Social Club really is the only place in the Guide with no features at all I wrote about last week.

Well, it’s got a golf club for a start (get the ball in the big holes with smoke coming out).

And a gym, from which emerge a group of ladies no doubt headed for burger and Bitter.

And a caravan site.

And a childrens play area as well as a Children’s menu.

Bit scary

And snooker.

And a table of pensioners playing doms.

Doms excitement obscured by pint for legal reasons

And a TV, showing Corrie (or Neighbours for Si). I feel like I’m on the set of Corrie to be honest.

And an all day menu kicking off at 8am. That’s 8am.

Instant tea or coffee cost £1.28, oddly

And a posh tea bag menu (not a euphemism).

And traditional pub games.

Calm down, calm down

And Local Ales (hilariously shortened to Locales).


No CAMRA discount, though. Perhaps that’s why there’s no symbols.

Are you a member ?” asks the nice lady.

Er, I’ve got a CAMRA card” I say, whipping out the gold card.


I wasn’t after a discount” I offer, meekly, And I wasn’t.

Anyway, stuff all that. Just look at the lacings on this Jolly Sailor (NBSS 3.5).


Lacings. Now there’s a symbol that the GBG should add next year.

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