According to Dave this blog (or possibly Mrs RM) will explode if I don’t post daily.

So here’s something that took my fancy while perusing the pristine GBG in Macgregors in Inverness. Thrillingly, I managed to avoid spilling mayo on it.

Simple question. Study the Guide entry and tell me what’s unique about it. Tom will win.

If you win, expect a pint of grim BBB in a Maidenhead Conservative Club of your choice.*

If you fail, join the losers in Battersea pubs this morning.

Good luck.

*on Christmas Day


    1. Dave,
      Yes, not a single icon but I can remember when some pubs didn’t even have a description – like forty years ago Stafford’s Bird in Hand in the 1980 GBG and Martin would have headed there with the excitement of not knowing if it was “an absolute shit hole” or “a lounge lizard’s lair”. It was neither.
      I was actually in that pub this lunchtime and the licensee’s “You’re CAMRA aren’t you? I’ve just burnt my Good Beer Guide. it’s rubbish” was actually a warmer welcome than I got in one of Tim’s venues yesterday morning. And I got served a pint though my Worthington Cask was too cold to be recognised as such – and I now know that it’s not only Tim’s vouchers that get ceremonially burnt.
      Much nicer was my £2 Wadworths 6X in the Coach and Horses, a proper pub of character and characters

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      1. I can remember those days rather too well. Pubs with no description tended to belong to regional brewers, had their mild and bitter on and you were expected to realise that no description meant basic boozer, but excellent beer. From memory there were plenty of them in Manchester, Merseyside and the West Midlands.

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      2. EP,
        Half an hour looking through old GBG pub descriptions and I’ve not found “Basic boozer” but I’m reminded that pubs then could be properly described in three words most likely including Down-to-earth, Spartan, Basic, Lively, Characterful, Pleasant, Comfortable, Popular, Friendly, Cosy, Small and Large.


      3. Martin,
        In the 1979 GBG Dudley had “a modern local in a town centre”, Salford “a hectic community pub” and central Liverpool a “Pub with Irish atmosphere” and “a lively pub in an unusual street”

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      1. Well, I suppose one could add that the entry is now maybe untrue.

        The Drax power station, or most of it, has just been demolished, so wouldn’t perhaps cast much of a shadow now?

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