No, not a political comment, just a lunchstop in Sheffield before that shopping ordeal from hell.

Kommune was the recommendation of the cheery micropub owner in Brimming with Beer in Brimmington, yet another Greater Chesterfield micro.



I’d recommend a visit here as much for the pre-emptive picks as the Pale from Stancill, which was a solid 3.5. Most of the conversation was about Barnsley accents and the border where “M’duck” starts.

Krafty Kirsty visited Kommune recently and had mixed views, to be polite.


I skipped the beer, no cask and mainly cans, only now finding out they were serving the mixed fermentations sours from Pastore of my own fair village. If James cared about beer, he’d have been impressed.

James was impressed with the Korean food from the “food trucks in a hall”, rather cheaper at lunchtime than evening.


Closer in feel to Mackie Mayor than the local Cutlery Works, and bringing some much needed calories to the underfed students of the Hallam.

Mrs RM will love it when she visits to take James shopping, which will take rather longer than the 14 minutes my son and I allocated to the task in H & M, as he prepared to be the guinea pig for his brother’s barbering exam on the Friday.


Sheffield looked gorgeous at dusk.


But the queue to get out of Wicker was the worst in memory.


Sadly, Thursday would bring rather bigger concerns than traffic to the Steel town.

14 thoughts on “KOMMUNISTS

    1. Very tricky subject. I’m Leicester but worked with incomers from Derby/Notts where I picked up Mi-Duck, which I now use freely and frequently with everyone. I’m now Northants. Mi-duck is ‘not’ Leicester or Northants, and especially not Rutland, yet you’ll hear it, there’s been too much creep into other areas.

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      1. Can’t help with the curry I’m afraid, last time I had one was at Kayal, the keralan one near the station which I love but this was a long time ago. Just have a Cheese’n’Onion cob at the Blue Boar, you won’t need to eat for the rest of the trip.

        If you’re going anywhere near Narborough in the evening, I’ve heard very good reports of the Thai at my old local the Plough in Littlethorpe (Everards). Proper home-style rather than expensive restaurant stuff, not sure what the opening is though, probably not early week.

        Just found a decent Korean in Northampton, closed for good when we went last week. Cursed we are! Cursed…


      1. They don’t. You can even find them in Jesmond and right up the Northumberland coast at the twee places.


    1. Who is pashmina?

      What were you doing that needed as long as 14 minutes in H &M? That is only two shops. I allow less than that for my entire Grimsby charity shop tour.


      1. Good question Tom. That’s more than half the time of a BRAPA visit.

        My lad actually tried the jacket and shirt on, and I was queueing to pay for 5 mins.

        Obviously it also takes 2 minutes to find the exit to any UK Department store.


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