There were many highlights on my Big Aberdeen Weekender.

Meeting Mrs RM and not having my chips nicked, sunrise over Peterhead, the reopening of the Aberdeen Art Gallery (finally) .

But the highlight was eating a mince beef pie and Bovril (food and drink matching, natch) at the Huntly v Buckie Highland League classic.

I thought I’d outdone Duncan for obscurity. Turns out he was half an hour away in East Aberdeen.

Runaway leaders against a team who had won once all season.

Buckie fans, in Celtic green and white, outnumbered Huntly 2-to-1 and had much better swearing.

Blue skies, grey clouds, queue for the pies.

Buckie fan with green wig

The sun was in the Buckie goalie’s eyes.

Within 19 minutes they were 4-0 down, not even the crisp pastry and succulent oozy filling of the pies could cheer them up.

“****”, “you ******* ****” etc

Compared to City v Atalanta 4 days earlier it was a different sport, but utterly compelling as Buckie pulled it back to 4-3 and found 7 minutes of added time before releasing a jubilant home crowd to head towards the pub.

As did I.

There’s not a lot to Huntly, smaller than Waterbeach and known mainly for producing shortbread and David Cameron’s Dad.

Bustling streets post match

But, as their supporters sing, “As least we’re not Keith“.

And the Crown was a bustling corker, albeit a bastion of male drinking.

Resisting the wares of local Strongbrew Brewery, I went for the Windswept Wolf (NBSS 3.5) which WhatPub solemnly warns is a KeyKeg beer.

My favourite Scottish beer these days, the perfect accompaniment to a seven goal thriller.

I just hope Huntly don’t think I’m going to be their lucky mascot, though I might get a season ticket to the pies. (NPSS 5).


      1. I like a nice Scotch Pie and remember getting a lovely one for £1 six years ago from a butchers shop in inverness, much nicer and cheaper than one of Tim’s breakfasts in Tim’s nearby King’s Highway.


  1. Goal…coal…George Stephenson was originally a coal miner. A keen gardener throughout his life, during his last years at Tapton House, he built hothouses in the estate gardens, growing exotic fruits and vegetables in a not-too-friendly rivalry with Joseph Paxton’s father, then the head gardener at nearby Chatsworth House, and twice beating the master of the craft.

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    1. Goal … coal … and coal was what our neighbour mentioned yesterday while discussing her plans for New Years Eve. It’s usually beer she’s brought over from Germany but I think the coal idea comes from Scotland.


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