When the leaves come falling down,

I’ll be ticking in a Highlands town

Van Morrison, When the leaves come falling down, 1999


Or in the words of Katherine Bush’s Halloween single from 1980 “October will be magic again“.*


77 posts in October, which gives you a clue to how many pubs I used. 66 new GBG ticks, anyway.

If you look at the view map that so exercises us bloggers you’ll see some notable first-time visitors. St Vincent & Grenadines popped by to view my Royston Wetherspoons post (possibly, I can’t actually tell)

All the Faroes views were from Duncan so don’t count


It’ll be several years days before I catch up with all the Grampian posts, but that’s no worse than BRAPA.


The Highlands

A week driving round Scotland in Mrs RM’s car listening to Big Thief and Amber Arcades and eating haggis suppers. Mmm.

Culinary highlights by the Tay

Meeting my lads in Manchester for a vegan kebab and City match, safe in the knowledge they never want to return to the South (nor do I).


Joker. Just read Alec’s post, one of the great movie reviews.

Joker Dance GIF - Joker Dance Smoking GIFs

Leek with the Southworths (not what it sounds like)

Great pinking, Dick

NEW PUB OF THE MONTH – Well, it’s the Blue Mugge in Leek, isn’t it ? Straight in my Top 10.

In a similar vein, the return visit to Slubbers in the Huddersfield suburbs was definitely the pub visit of the month. And not just because we sneaked in the fire exit like naughty toddlers.



Wonderful people, busy pubs, masses of craft beer. Go now.

Beer Dock, Crewe

BEER OF THE MONTH – Sam Smiths Cherry fruit beer

Photo will self-destruct after 5 seconds

HAND WASH OF THE MONTH – Moss & Adams Sherwood Forest



Loads of gigs around the country, including Phoebe Bridgers in London tomorrow, Cate le Bon in Oxford and Kathryn Joseph in Manchester. Two heroines, and a mystery third who won’t be playing “Show Me Heaven” in Hackney on the 17th.

I’m targeting completing the GBG chapters in the Midlands, but I really ought to plan a longer trip to make some inroads into Devon, Cumbria or Argyll.

But as you’ll know by now, I do what Mrs RM tells me to.


*I can just visualise Mark Crilley checking the veracity of these claimed lyrics now


  1. Hand Wash of the Month is a welcome category and further evidence if needed, of your blog’s increasing diversification. Some great country views there too. A solid October to look back in with some satisfaction.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sometimes these ‘visitors’ from foreign climes are actually search engine spiders or web-bots scanning for vulnerabilities in the server hosting your site. #rainingonyourparade

    Liked by 1 person

  3. With all that pink it’s a proper “the sun never sets” map – just like the British Empire when I were a lad and IPA meant strong beer shipped to India. .

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I reckon I’ve seen Sam Smiths Cherry fruit beer available in bottles over here. I’ll have to give it a try next time I come across it.

    Thanks as always for the shout out. I’ve never been a massive Van Morrison fan really, but I do adore one particular song of his: “I Will Be There”

    Seems virtually unknown though, compared to his other famous tracks.

    Liked by 1 person

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