Dick has been pestering me to make him my cover star (it’s like being a mascot at City but cheaper), so here he is, training for a job at next year’s Octoberfest.

Note how we ruins the fun of real #PubMen who like to take their own glass back in Northern towns.

Next up was Slubbers, a life highlight, let alone the pinnacle of a Huddersfield crawl.


On the 10 minute walk from the Sportsman we passed Magic Rock, listed under Birkby in the Guide, before reaching Hillhouse and the Slubbers. Nothing gives Old Men (not you, Luke) as much joy as moaning about CAMRA’s geographical quirks.

We contemplated the best approach, then the nice local in a green top let us in via the smoking shelter.

Where’d you come from ?

Clearly I’d been here before, years ago, but as with the Big Six in Halifax you often take the West riding boozer for granted in your youth.

More easy choices

Four pints of Boltmaker, two Landlords. I nab the fourth pint, Paul nabs the window seat.

The sun shines in, as it always must when Paul is in a pub.

Well done lad

Paul recognises someone from the CAMRA AGM where local branches were given free reign to undercook broccoli invent new places to put GBG entries under.

We got on with saying “Mmm, wow, NBSS 4” as Boltmaker suddenly made perfect sense.

A study in satisfaction
Paul probes locals for Hudders craft beer suggestions

Then the Landlady came over and said “Where’d you come from ?“, both apologetic and apoplectic we’d come in through the fire exit.

Not the fire exit

It was wonderful.

I particularly like the South Korea/Japan World Cup scarf.

Tenuous link to WC 2002
Possibly the actual cistern

Somehow recognising an American accent in our midst, a friendly local popped over.

“Are you an American ?”

“Deny it Dave !”

The ensuing conversation touched on the Kentucky Derby, Dave’s life story and probably the best way to cook broccoli.

THAT’S why people go to pubs.

Oh yeah it’s a free house, but….

We went out the right door this time.


      1. There’s another of those pretty West Yorkshire names, in the stream which flows near to the Slubbers, incidentally.

        “Grimescar Dike”

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  1. “Paul recognises someone from the CAMRA AGM”.
    He recognised me first and it’s Neil Leeson who for nearly thirty years has chosen the nation AGM venues.
    I never knew where he lives but it’s Huddersfield and close to the Slubbers.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So many lovely photos in this one. I couldn’t help noticing in the “study in satisfaction” photo that one of the three drinkers was moving at a faster pace than the other two– perhaps his was NBSS 4.5? 😉


  3. I think that pubs of that shape, including the Brunswick and the Baltic Fleet, are referred to as being of a Flat Iron shape but that top picture reminds me of the ship on the Titanic pumpclips.


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