Hopefully Dick and Dave, safely retired to Preston in their dotage, will treasure this photographic journal of their cultural (curry and beer) trip to the UK of Autumn 2019.

For the record, I probably did make them pop in the Magic Rock Tap in Birkby (ha !).


Hard to avoid on the way back, and I’d raved about the beer quality, and you have to compare one UK brewery tap with the American stuff, don’t you ?

And Magic Rock run a great Tap.

Yes, it’s my December ’17 photo
Great cask

Most of us had the Ringmaster, a classic pint I thought.

This, this is how cask beer should be presented !” a little emotionally.

A blurry Dick enjoyed the Common Grounds.

Look at those lacings on the Ringmaster !

There’s a dozen Taps like this within a km of my house” said someone.  Actually it could have been any of us.  There’ll shortly be two within a km of my house.

This is all from memory, my notes had gone to pot by now;

Note-taking rubbish

I don’t know if we’re supposed to be bored of Magic Rock by now; grief, I had the same beer in the same seat as 2 years ago.

But early evening Sunday saw a good few dozen folk walking out into an industrial estate to drink great beer, and they weren’t all under 30 either.

Dick was on a roll by now, finding the half pint craft tumblers very amenable to stacking.

Cut it out

Their flirtation with “modernism” over, they headed to the King’s Head and thence to the safety of Manchester.

I headed for a carriage on the 19:09 to Leeds; a carriage covered in vomit (not me).




6 thoughts on “THOSE CRAFTY YANKS

  1. Wish you’d posted a warning notice about that last photo, Martin. I was enjoying my lunch until I scrolled down and saw what looked like, either someone throwing up, or some poor soul having to clear up the mess.

    I’m guessing it’s the latter, judging by the writing on the back of his jacket, but whatever it was it was enough to put me off my sandwiches!

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