Monday isn’t a great time to organise a mini pub crawl of Cambridge for, but there you go.
Pub Curmudgeon was in town, and that nice Andrew from West Suffolk CAMRA joined us to drinks loads of Abbot see what was new.

We had no clue what we’d be doing beyond a burger and pint at the Alex, famed as the place where BRAPA nicked Mrs RM’s chips at Christmas.


The Alex had very kindly made the new Beer Guide, making Simon’s pre-emptive perusal very opportune indeed.

A bike mandatory in every Cambridge photo

Definitely on the Mill Road Run these days, and the Citra was edging 3.5 again despite being end-of-the barrel.

End-of-the barrel but I didn’t notice

Despite a bargain burger deal (we fought over the sweee potato fries) it was a bit quiet, but at least it was open.

As the official tour guide, I pointed out the mysterious Top Tape shop still awaiting a visit from hipster cassette enthusiast Matthew Lawrenson.

Unchanged in 30 years.

Some nice old signage on the walk from Gwydir Street to the Kite too.

All proper gentlemen were called Ernest in the early 1900s

Where next ?

Any proper logic would have had us walking 3 miles to visit a closed micropub or craft bar. Instead, we picked the next nearest Greene King pub.

Still a classic

When I visited the Free Press a few weeks after a very rare change of owners here, I was thrilled to see it unchanged, if that makes sense.

They’d even kept the old fashioned pump clips.

The same as when I first came here in 1987.

Three things made this visit a bit special, and Old Mudgie’s a cappella version of Aqualung wasn’t one of them.

We actually got the snug,

The barfolk (?) were jovial and chatty,

And the Mild, a bit chilled last time, was just perfect.

Beat those lacings

Actually, the famed snug was a bit too snug, but having taking possession of it and planted our PubMan flag in the corner,we weren’t giving it up for students.

NBSS 4 Mild folks

Mind you, the students aren’t back yet, so again a quiet pub and we should be grateful that Cambridge pubs seem to have increased opening hours over the last decade.

Punk IPA mat raises spectre of 21st century

Two hours, two pints, where next d’ya think ?


    1. This is a complete fabrication of course. But, on walking in to the Alexandra, I was pleased to hear “Sweet Home Alabama” being played πŸ˜›


  1. And you didn’t even mention the Blue Moon, which in most other cities, if still even open, would be a grim keg boozer with a Sky Spirts banner.


  2. That β€œFine Cambridge Ales” ceramic plaque produced by Doultons of Lambeth indicates that the pub had been owned by the Panton Brewery of Bailey & Tebbutt taken over by Greene King in 1925.
    The Free Press looks just as I remember it and the XX Mild is quite rare.
    I had intended joining Martin and t’other Mudgie that day but had to chicken out because my wife and daughter were having a week in France, Belgium and Germany and I was looking after the hens, including two old speckled hens, for a nearby farmer friend who was also away on holiday.
    I might get to Cambridge some time next year.


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