Thank you to all of you who answered my question;

“Should I go to the Great British Beer Festival ?”

100% of you who responded said “NO”

If only I’d known what I’d be missing today….

Looks fantastic, heh ?

Back to pubs, and the Big Find of the Trip, the Artillery Arms down by the Royal William Victualling Yard in the heart of naval Plymouth.


The western suburbs of Stonehouse and Devonport are where Plymouth gets a bit magical, and no-one had ever told me.

New Palace Theatre
Rejected Pink Floyd album cover

You’d expect to have proper boozers in the naval quarter of course, even if Pompey seems to be losing them at a rate of knots.

Actually heaving in there

As usual, few words are needed to convince you that this is a cracker.

Not a stag do apparently

In Cambridge this would be the Champion of the Thames, in Manchester it’s be the City Arms. Civilised, boisterous drinking houses for all.

Popular with hockey teams, says What Pub, helpfully. The shorts look a bit virgin white for that to be true.

Still white
Miki or Emma ? (90s indie joke)

Honestly, I didn’t know what to take in. Oh yes, the “charity” monkey racing. Glad it’s for charity as otherwise it seems very un-woke.


I was a bit in awe, if honest. This was a BritishBeerMat of a pub.

Just then the bar appeared into view. Oh grief.

Half Bore the new Doom Bar ?

All the pretend hockeyists were standing in the front, leaving the local youth to mishit shots in the pool room.


I got in their way, so I headed up and out to the scruffiest beer garden in Devon.

“Foxy’s gonna cut the back out”


“Sending it from the 16 sends a message early on”


Pub Life Vol. 3774. No need for GBBF

It was only the rugger stars of the Torpoint Todgers discussing tactics for their big clash with Bideford Bodgers.

Hope I haven’t let slip any game sensitive tactics.

Oh, the Bass was foamy and creamy, NBSS 3/3.5 and easily Derby standard. I’ll leave them to fight out with the Dolphin for the best Bass in town.

20 thoughts on “BEST BASS IN PLYMOUTH ?

  1. It has the rare accolade of being described as “cracking” on WhatPub πŸ˜€

    It’s an interesting fact that both Stonehouse and Devonport were separate local authorities before being merged into Plymouth in 1914.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. T’other Mudgie,
      The descriptions on WhatPub are getting better.
      For the Angel in Welshpool is says “Large number of tv screens(more than Dixons) showing sport, then music videos later at night” and that’s correct, although of course I can’t confirm the “later at night” bit.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Haha, no. The Waterman’s Arms is a great hidden backstreet boozer, Only two ales on, both on gravity. The best pint of Jail Ale I’ve ever tasted. No food either.


      1. Aiming to be there shortly after opening time, but when the queue has died down – if that makes sense.

        Send me a text or email me.


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