Closing in on the end of the Devon trip now, you’ll be delighted to hear.

Two last pubs in studentville on Saturday, and the answer to the eternal question;

“Is Armada Way the ugliest main shopping street in England”


Possibly, though Durham High Street runs it close.

That photo was taking at 9.35am on Saturday, by the way.

But elsewhere the city centre is a pleasing mix of old and new(ish).

Future micro
Future Brewhouse & Kitchen

My last two ticks were just east of the Uni, or north of the Police station, depending on your perspective.  You can get lost in the vast swathe of student residences, which isn’t recommended.

Lovely symmetry about Plymouth on the OS

The Nowhere Inn looks quite understated, doesn’t it ?

Ex-Ushers pub rarely less than wonderful

A strong smell of fags at the door, “Camels” apparently.

Punks at the bar, The Jam on the wall, O’Hanlon’s on two pumps.

Two pumps is plenty

It’s very Hull Old Town, in a good way, though my authoritative notes says “Gryphon/Krakatoa/Freebird (N-u-L)“, not that any of those are particularly “Punk”.  BRAPA will appreciate the subtle distinction.

Proper seating
Pub Life Vol. 4518

A great welcome, a decent rich stout (NBSS 3) in the slightly too thin glass, and a soundtrack of Foo Fighters/Charlatans/Beastie Boys that seems a bit mainstream for folk wearing Crass on their jackets.

The bants is about screen printing, and the disaster of being out of Kronenbourg.

“Out of Krony !    I’ll have the strongest one then”

“What, ale ?”


So, two pints of Stout poured then.


Easy to love, but with Uni students safely back in Saltash or Okehampton, only 4 in on Saturday night.

That may explain why it suddenly closed the week after my visit, I hope temporarily.

Use it or lose it, punks of Plymouth, or Simon won’t have the joy of visiting in 2023.



8 thoughts on “USE IT OR LOSE IT

  1. Not as rough as the bikers’ pub i once went into in Birmingham which was using a human skull as an ashtray.
    Decent bunch of fellers though.

    Liked by 1 person

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