How exciting.

A free chain ferry (for foot passengers) across the Tamar to Torpoint, and a rare Cornwall GBG tick.

I might only manage one new bit of Kernow pinking this Guide year ((15/9 – ?/9) but it’s all progress, and I like to do at least one tick in every GBG chapter annually.


I reckon this was more exciting than the ferry to Staten island, though a bar would help.

The chain (ferry)

Torpoint makes Saltash look like Manhattan, the quietest place under the sun on a Saturday afternoon.

It’s attractions are modest, but I was determined to bring you them all.

Not Peckham Library, is it ?
Chaotic High Street

None of Torpoint’s seven pubs and clubs trouble the Guide, but I’m almost tempted by the Doom Bar on offer in the Jubilee.

Wonderful green

Of course, no town worth the name is without a promise of Bass long since unfulfilled.

No Bass

The opening times at Harbour Lights are 11pm to 3.30am, which could present a challenge for the GBG ticker if it puts on Doom Bar in the future.

Open past my bedtime

Apart from an iced coffee in Sainsbury’s, the shops failed to detain me.

Bargain fairy chess set

The playing fields to the north of town were thriving though, and a stream of tourists were heading toward the MOD oil depot.  Oh, sorry, it was the National Trust pile at Antony.

On to Wilcove.  Not, as I hoped, a theme park to a cult American band.


But just a cove.  With a pub.


And palm trees (or whatever).

Not as idyllic as Bere

Lunch had finished, so a modernised pub was ticking over with Ladies Who Wine sitting by the cove, and the odd pub ticker wanting a half of Tribute that’s dull and tastes like Waggledance (NBSS 2).

Actually, looking at the photos now it doesn’t seem that modernised, does it ?

97% of Cornish pubs look like this
Nice fire

Ah, it was those metal pumps that smacked of modernity.

Metal pumps

And staff from the school of bartending that teaches “Just stare at the customer till they speak, don’t bother to ask what they want”.

I think Wilcove folk reckon they’re too hip to be stuck in this forlorn bit of Cornwall.  And they may be right.  The train to Totnes leaves in 20 minutes. 

Just Like Honey

10 thoughts on “A TORPOINT SORE POINT

    1. Etu,
      But I remember when I were a four year old lad in 1959 what a delight it was to see green gutters and drainpipes brightening up the grim industrial areas in which we grew up.


      1. Yes, I was five, Paul.

        I grew up on the fringes of the city, adjoining countryside, but that’s lost to housing now, mind.

        The cities of the Midlands and the North were landscapes of tall smoking chimney stacks back then, weren’t they? That muted green-and-cream was de rigueur for domestic paintwork. Was it military surplus?


      2. Etu,
        Yes, the field opposite was lost to housing but Cannock Chase a bit further away is still there.
        Taking our dog for a walk before school I might hear a factory siren or the colliery train.
        But we were ‘appy then.

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