A nice uncontroversial pub next; one you could take your parents to without them leaving a grotty review on Trip Advisor.

jolly sailor

Clearly, the bridge over the River Cleddau was built by the residents of Pembroke Dock in 1990 to allow them to sample the award winning Burton Ale in Burton at the Jolly Sailor.

Destination pub
Used to be a classic

Of course, some folk came for the view, rather than the DBA (RIP).

Not quite Runcorn-Widnes, is it ?

Actually, the first thing you notice is the smell of hot dogs, possibly the house specialty or maybe an outside barbecue that’s competing with the aviary for the attention of toddlers.

It’s a well-judged money-making enterprise; not too upmarket, not down-at-heel, that makes best use of its location.ย  Reminds me of our own riverside Five Miles From Anywhere.

The lounge overlooking the river is packed with gentlefolk munching on Homemade Lasagne Verdi, so I join two younger drinkers in the nautically-themed bar.

Actually quite pubby

Our two young Labour sympathisers are sympathising with Theresa May, who’s just packed it in to concentrate on choosing guest beers for Maidenhead Conservative Club, which makes entertaining listening while I wait for the barman to finish making cappuccinos for crumblies.

I’m slightly relieved the Bass that WhatPub promises isn’t on the bar; the Rev James is much more reliable round here.

That Pravha won’t go away

And so it proved. A smooth, frothy, scummy beer with a bit of bite (NBSS 3/3.5).

Yummy scummy

See.ย  I’ve nothing against Welsh pubs.ย  Come for the Cleddau, and the cask.



17 thoughts on “A VIEW OF THE CLEDDAU

  1. For once, a post that actually makes me want to go (back) to Wales. I’ve heard Port Talbot has a lot to offer, but the Pembrokeshire Coast doesn’t look half bad either.

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  2. Might I remind everyone, that the 1971 collapse of the Cleddau Bridge during construction – owing to faulty box girder design and poor working arrangements – is regarded as the last major bridge disaster in the UK.

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    1. You obviously don’t know about the time a fellow doubled me in 7N on lead with an Ace and a side KQJxxx. The King was not the winning lead as we had two 6 card suits to run and of course the spare Ace.
      Schoolboy error in fairness.


  3. Were they over-warm canines (with some peculiar rural culinary pursuit?) or sausages in a bun? (Remembering that the noblest of all dogs is the hot-dog, as it feeds the hand that bites it!)

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  4. “without them leaving a grotty review on Trip Advisor.”

    That OS map below is remarkable. It certainly tells a story about tectonic shifting. I thought Waterloo used to be in Belgium?

    “Clearly, the bridge over the River Cleddau was built by the residents of Pembroke Dock in 1990 to allow them to sample the award winning Burton Ale in Burton at the Jolly Sailor.”

    And they put two ferries out of business to boot!

    “Actually quite pubby”

    It even has beermats!

    “are sympathising with Theresa May, whoโ€™s just packed it in”

    That reminds of something I said a few weeks ago:

    You’ve heard of Leap Year; where February get an extra day… well now we have Leave Year; where May gets an extra 7 days. ๐Ÿ™‚

    “That Pravha wonโ€™t go away”

    I think that’s because folks are always ‘czeching’ up on it. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Come for the Cleddau, and the cask.”

    Yes but which Cleddau? The eastern one or the western one?



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