Yep, still in West Wales.  In fact, by the time I finish writing up this May trip I’ll probably be back there with Duncan.

Finally some great beer, the sort that makes you turn to Mrs RM (if she’d been there) and say “Try this, Mrs RM.  THIS is the pinnacle of the brewer’s craft“.  Or summat.

Tucked into the pretty bit of West Wales near the oil refineries, the Taberna Inn isn’t an obvious gem, but a gem nonetheless.


Oooh, it’s open

But don’t take my word for it.

See what timtom from Manchester has to say;


or Mark & Jacqueline from Doncaster, who are into Prosecco and nibbles;


But what do Mancs and Donny folk know anyway ?

It looks old-fashioned rather than shabby to me, a bit like my own local.

Bear in mind though, I’m the bloke who thought the Spread Eagle and Tiviot were the highlights on my first trip to Stockport back in 2002.

Proper seating

There was no-one about.  Do I get my photos in quick, in case the Landlord gets a bit shirty like the Welshpool gaffer did last week ?

Might as well.

Quite characterful
Breakfast cereal in tubs = Proper Pub
Looks just like the Sun with the hot nuts

Then he appeared, just like the Shopkeeper in Mr Benn, eating a Pot Noodle. I appreciate that’s not necessarily the thing that Mark and Jacqueline from Doncaster want to see when they pop in for a gourmet lunch.   Toffs.

“Sorry. I wasn’t expecting customers till 1.30.

What a gent he was though.

He poured through a full pint of the Leviathan IPA to make sure my half was fresh.

As I always say, go for the one with the weird name.

Good to see a beer pulled through” I said, hugely impressed.

It’s no hardship” said our hero, drinking it while we chatted about great pubs.

Do you want to buy it ?”  he said, only half-jokingly. Tells you all you need to know.

The beer was nectar, a cool, smoothy, potent NBSS 4.  It can be done, even in Wales.

And that, my friends, is what the Beer Guide is all about.










34 thoughts on ““DO YOU WANT TO BUY A PUB ?”

    1. LAF,
      Yes indeed.
      Like the wonderful Three Stags Heads where some idiot can report on Trip Advisor “Again we got in got beer and sat down no problem. Until one of the lads decided to take a photograph of one of the regulars asleep. All hell broke loose. The land lady and barman who upto this point had been pleasant to us turned nasty in a nano second. Beer was snatched from us and we were kicked out”
      Those that don’t have the sense to realise that proper pubs, and their customers, deserve respect get what they deserve.

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  1. “Oooh, it’s open”

    Careful! It could be that way from a gust of wind.

    “See what timtom from Manchester has to say;”

    Not been updated since the 80’s? Who the hell cares? Crikey. Bulldoze everything every ten years to keep it fresh? Sheesh.

    “Quite characterful”

    Indeed. Hard to have any bloody character if you keep updating the bloody thing now is it? 😉

    “Looks just like the Sun with the hot nuts”

    Here’s me being… oh, you know the rest. 🙂

    “As I always say, go for the one with the weird name.”

    Can IPA’s really be only 4%?

    ““It’s no hardship” said our hero, drinking it”


    “Tells you all you need to know.”


    “And that, my friends, is what the Beer Guide is all about.”

    Or should be. 😉


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  2. It’s about thirty years since I heard “Do you want to buy it ?” and that was in a George and Dragon with intending giving up as her ex-serviceman husband was drinking too much.

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  3. Funnily enough the bloke married to my wife’s cousin once asked me that question.
    I said yes.
    I owned it for three years until the bloke married to my wife’s sister who was running it for me started dipping the till to pay for his drinking problem.
    Thanks to the Celtic Tiger I tripled what I bought it for when I sold it.
    The first bloke is still a good pal of mine.
    The other bloke not only lost his job but also another pub he bought with a fellow alcoholic and ran into the ground.
    Then his marriage went bust.
    And now he’s a security guard on minimum wage in some godforsaken hole in Scotland.
    So it’s not a question you should consider lightly ….


    1. P P-T,
      There’s no shortage of people who think they know how to run a pub, and even tell a publican which beers to put on, but there aren’t that many who could actually make a really good job of it or would want to put enough hours in.

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      1. Indeed.
        As anyone who has had to refuse to serve drink to a very large and very drunk Traveller at 1am will testify.
        On other hand Mrs PP-T and I conceived our youngest on the pool table at an even later hour after we’d finally kicked everyone out one night so it’s swings and roundabouts really.
        Wahaay !

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      1. Well, I do have an eraser and a hope something better will come along, but Corby is within walking distance so it’s certainly the cheap option. In homage to this blog I’m thinking of calling it ‘Plant Pots and Porcelain’

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  4. Looks like a great pub to me (just lacks people!). Can’t believe negative reviews like the one on Trip advisor. Some people just don’t have a clue what a pub should be like.

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