I see young BRAPA is back in Cornwall, no doubt whining about the rain and justifying his use of taxis.

No such problem for me in another smart dining pub tantalisingly out of range of the average P. Docker.


Cosheston is situated on an inlet of the Daugleddau estuary, says Wiki, which is easy for it to say.

Not many people walk here, I’ll wager. The pashmina set miss out on some of the highest hedges outside of South Somerset.

If something comes jump in the hedge

Access by dinghy is a bit challenging at the moment, but this week’s rain should sort that out.

Mud. Not that one.

The one thing you can guarantee about a pub called the Brewery Inn is that it won’t have a brewery. It’s the law.

The foliage gives away a lot too.

Perfectly curated foliage

Restaurant to the left, bar to the right.

Can I HELP you sir” says a man who appears from nowhere to impede my progress.

I’m obviously supposed to say “Table for 2, retiredmartin” rather than

Sorry to intrude I was hoping I could possibly get a beer“.

I know Simon gets that as well.

No idea, know you, no idea

The two gents running the place were charming, and I warmed to the genteel atmosphere even if it did remind me a bit of Stockport’s Arden Arms.

What could be better than watching Owen Jones accompanied by a decent NBSS 3.5 drop of Rev James in an elegant glass. Not much.


Well, only the first Norah Jones CD. Switched to silent.



  1. Even when we eat in so called “dining ” pubs ,we like to choose our own table & order from the bar at our leisure -been caught a couple of times with table service & a service charge which is traumatic to a tight Tyke.Sometimes we are too polite to say no

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    1. Yes, and when Mrs TSM and I go to a pub for something to eat there’s nothing annoys me more than, within five minutes of walking through the door, being asked “would you like to start a tab?”. “NO” is my emphatic answer as I pay for my beer and her pop each time I go the bar and I pay for the food either beforehand or afterwards, and that way there’s no chance of them adding someone else’s drinks or another course onto the bill.

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  2. Much as I love the countryside, I do hate driving – or walking – down lanes like that.

    Champion campion shot though, Martin


    1. Before my failed knees cut short my working I spent ten years driving round lanes like that every working day.
      After not very long I was used to them.

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  3. Looks more like James Brokenshire than Owen Jones to me young Martin.
    He’s deffo not a whiney tosser.
    I do like a drop of Rev James.If kept well it’s a lovely beer.

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      1. Well, here we are then:

        Now, he’s probably not my favourite TV personality, but given the choice between watching that and, say, hitting my thumb with a lump hammer, I don’t think that I’d struggle that much.

        Would some people really?


      2. I must admit to never having heard of Owen Jones but that’s because I very rarely watch television.
        It’s surely a bad sign that in that interview Tim had a tea or coffee rather than drink his own beer.
        And his “childish” accusation reminded me of when old friend in Partridge Green was losing an argument.


      3. Yes, Tim Martin following Retired Martin, quite likely.
        Or the Abbot wasn’t drinking well that day.
        we may never know.


  4. “If something comes jump in the hedge”

    Yes, but what if it’s two cars that meet?

    “but this week’s rain should sort that out.”

    Send some of that my way. I live barely a mile from the ocean and we can only water our lawns for a few hours on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

    “Perfectly curated foliage”

    Ooooh, careful! It could be due to many folks pouring their cask ales on it. πŸ™‚

    “No idea, know you, no idea”

    Soul Train and Reverend James. I’m sensing a theme.




    Yes, we know it’s for you dear boy. πŸ˜‰



    1. “Yes, but what if it’s two cars that meet?”
      Most car drivers are competent enough at reversing.
      The fun comes when it’s a big tractor, driven by a lad just over from Poland, and a bus, which is not permitted to reverse with passengers on board. Unlike the usual herd of cows or herd of sheep that’s a proper delay that could cause me to reverse for a four mile detour. Urban drivers don’t know they’re born.

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    1. Etu,
      A couple more facts then.
      It’s about 16Β½ miles between Wolverhampton and Stafford so a train can be a thirteen minute journey and it could be cycled in just over an hour but the 877 bus – with going via Brewood ( pronounced Brood ) and Church Eaton ( pronounced Church Eaton ) – is a ninety-five minute journey.
      I would most often see one passenger on the 877, and never more than half a dozen, but occasionally it would be a proper old double decker bus trundling along the narrow lanes – at least the tractor drivers could see it coming !


      1. I once made the mistake of catching a bus with “Leeds” on the front from a Yorkshire village to Leeds. I asked the driver how much. He said he didn’t know. I asked why. He said no one had ever done it before. Forty-five minutes later, I could still see my starting point, from a hill in the next village…took about three hours to do thirteen miles as the crow flies.


      2. Oh, and I’m surprised P P-T hasn’t told us about the bus driver that pulled out to avoid a pram.


      3. Not from where I was getting on, no. And neither had any of the other passengers who looked at me very curiously.


  5. Is it me, or are Box Steam Brewery beers turning up in strange places far from Wiltshire? I live in an adjacent county and never see them on the bar in my neck of the woods.


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