It’s a dreadful life, slogging round the country, having the first beer out of the barrel in a cheerless dining pub just so the owner has a bit less to tip away a week later you don’t have to.

And then walking two miles uphill downhill both ways just so I can bring you pictures of Stackpole Quay and Barafundle Bay.


Hedges not as terrifying here
Magnificent, and virtually unknown east of Chepstow

On days like this (i.e. not raining) I reckon Wales is the greatest country in the world, and I don’t even begrudge the National Trust their little café (good coffee).

There’s no more than a dozen souls venturing beyond the cappuccino and coffee cake to the caves.

Micropub at Stackpole caves closed during Summer

Barafundle has been on my bucket list since Gorky’s Zygotic Mynci named their 1997 LP after it. I used to sing Patio Song on my way home from work back then, terrifying motorists at the A1/A1081 Hatfield junction. You can singalong too.

As so often in Wales, words are unnecessary.

Stuff your St Tropez

“But what about the beer ?” you boorishly yell at your screen.

Here you go.

It’s back, y’know

The Stackpole Inn is posh, a dining pub straight outta’ Godalming (the posh bit).

Posh but lovely

Everyone was eating outside.

Spot the dog (not his actual name)

On a whim, I decided to join them. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out on any photos of Old Boys on John Smiths Smooth.

I had five minutes till the kitchen shut, apparently.

That second one is unreadable, isn’t it

“Fish and chips and whichever beer is going fastest, please”

“Double Dragon. You can’t go wrong with Double Dragon.”

And he was right.

Better than Whitby


  1. Great shots. We did not see Sea Bass anywhere in Tenby. Interesting it was on here. Nor did we see Double Dragon which was the most common beer in the area three years ago.

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  2. I’ll just get in first with the Goldalming type before Russ comes crashing in with his size 12 tennis racket snow shoes.
    You struck lucky with the weather – Wales looks as pretty as a picture.
    Mushy peas … nom.nom.nom.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pfft.

      First off, I don’t usually comment on proper place names (as I have no idea on most of them).

      Second, snow shoes? That’s ‘oop north’, a place I avoid like the plague whenever possible these days. 🙂


  3. “Barafundle has been on my bucket list” –This got me thinking about how many places you’ve already been, and how few places remain that you haven’t yet visited. Hard to quantify, but it seems to me this GBG quest has taken you to 80 or 90% of the well-populated towns of England and Wales, if not most of Scotland. Are there many more areas left that seem thoroughly unexplored to you?

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  4. “And then walking two miles uphill downhill both ways just so I can bring you pictures of Stackpole Quay and Barafundle Bay.”

    Obviously you have better knees than Si.

    “Hedges not as terrifying here”

    Probably a law against blocking a view of the water.

    “Micropub at Stackpole caves closed during Summer”

    And only open at high tide at other times.

    “You can singalong too.”

    I was going to ask if they were singing in Welsh but then I looked them up.

    “As so often in Wales, words are unnecessary.”

    Especially if they’re Welsh words full of nowt but consonants.

    “It’s back, y’know”

    What, Game of Thrones? 😉

    “That second one is unreadable, isn’t it”

    Must be Welsh.



    1. Because they’ve seen some pompous ‘celebrity chef” on television put fish on top of chips.
      But you can still find proper plates in remotest Whales.

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  5. Oooh! That’s an outrageous claim for Fish and Chips that seem to be served up with some dry, crumbly, green stuff. Peas they may have been once, mushy they are not, dried out they definitely are. The batter looks a bit ‘slimy’ towards the thick end too? Having said that the chips look decent. I’m not in favour of tartar sauce with traditional fish and chips, nor a slice of lemon – what’s wrong with proper malt vinegar, the traditional way of providing the acidity to cut through the greasiness. Instead of killing plants with it, you should have saved some for the other pubs you went in.


      1. I would, occasionally, eat Yorkshire fish and chips, but the shops are always closed at mealtimes.


      2. Richard,
        There’s such a difference between them so do you have an opinion as to which species of fish should and should not be used for fish and chips ?


      1. Not especially, no; but compared to The White Hart in Farncombe…

        If you want proper posh, you go to The White Horse in Hascombe. All tweed and no chins.

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