At the “Official Amber Valley Pub Tickers Convention” yesterday I was discussing with BRAPA the signs of a good pub while comparing notes on Whitley Bay with Mark, who had kindly foregone his train ticking weekend to join us in his local pubs.

Dire Straits is always the sign of a good pub” said Si, definitively.  Don’t argue, you know he’s right.

But I suspect that “Seasons in the Sun” comes a close third.

I reacquainted myself with Terry’s paean to 91 days spent in my local pub as Charles bullied me in to going in the Bull.


It must have been a boring looking Greene King exterior as there’s no photos. So here’s one from the pub website.


It seemed to be up to let, as Charles noted a “For Sale” sign held up by an apron which missed, disappointingly.

A civilised low-key Greene King pub, with most tables set for an invisible food trade and high tables at the bar. And the inevitable “New Menu coming soon“.

No craft here, and hurrah ! for that, eh ?


On the upside, literally, some of the highest ceilings in any pub in Britain, presumably because the yokels locals are giants.

12 feet Norfolk folk drink here

But that’s the (mildly) bad stuff.  To Let or not, this was a well-run, vibrant, with a barmaid who understood Charles’s weird sense of humour (See also: Musselburgh)


We remained unconvinced by the coffee cake and IPA matching evening, though.

To be fair I’d fancy a slice now

Very popular with the younger generation in the evenings” says WhatPub, in that way you’re unsure is approving or despairing.

Perhaps they’re all members of the Terry Jacks fan club, just as Bristolians visit a certain pub that just plays “Africa” all night.

Sue Smith smiles as the Stretford Rags fall behind.  Probably.

They’re probably not here for a decent foamy IPA (NBSS 3) which is exactly as I expected.

Britain’s favourite beer that isn’t Doom Bar

Not quite a great pint, or a great pub, but more than good enough to drag Dereham folk away from Countdown counting their toes on a Tuesday night.

Sometimes, a cheery welcome is all it needs to get folk to a pub.


NB Sadly, no pics of curry from Spice Fusion, one of the most reliable places for a dhansak anywhere. But there is is food porn later.


17 thoughts on “MORE TERRY JACKS

  1. One of the highest ceilings in any pub in Britain I’ve seen was in the old room of the Royal Oak, Chesterfield last month.
    Bank and cinema conversions, such as t’Old Joint Stock and a few of Tim’s venues, are similarly lofty.
    And aren’t there now a few micropubs that haven’t bothered with a roof ?

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    1. So they’re thinner at the bottom so they can be gripped together – but that will mean the tops aren’t level and beer will be spilt, except that it’s always short measure served.

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  2. When we were schoolboys and saw double entendres in everything, we always regarded the “Jacks” in terry jacks’ name as a verb…

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  3. If you or Simon wrote a “Moon Under Water” type article, it would include a good number of things Orwell mysteriously left out: Pipers crisps, mobility scooters, hi-vis jackets, and Dire Straights to name but a few.


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