A nice picture of US Dave (related to Gary “US” Bonds no doubt) to lead the next instalment of Manc March 2/1/19.

Theoretically the half-way point, which we reached a mere half-hour behind schedule.

manc itinerary


The “Trad” group had gone on ahead to the Turk, leaving their calling card on the lamp post.

Naughty Ale Curmudgeons on tour

We had time to admire the architecture, being cultured and all.

This may well have been taken earlier. Stop fussing.

My photos and notes take a turn for the worse at this point, no doubt entirely due to the Blackjack craft murk at the Mackie.

So the Beermoth isn’t really the place to slow the pace over a 3.2% Mild, if such a thing exists.

Fresh beer

I had the Fallen on cask (I think); Joan and Dave shared something 10% from Cloudwater. I was proud to have seen this Damascene conversion from cask to craft keg by our US visitors (joking, joking).

My third or fourth trip to Beermoth, and the third time I’ve left with little recollection but a warm feeling (not that one). Also the first time I’ve found a table, so obviously 3pm on 2 January is the time to come.

Dave said “I’m getting lacings” and complimented the fresh beer, Young Tom the cockerel lover recognised Dylan playing and clearly knew his beer. I think we shared a strong Torrside around.

The beer I’d had was firmly in the NBSS 3.5-4+ range on a quiet day. I need say no more to Leeds and London.

Lacings winner – the Torrside

On to another modern bar. I would have stood in the middle of the road to take a shot of the Briton, but Paul has cornered that market.

Briton’s Protection
Ceiling I think

Again, perfect timing saw us nab two tables by the bar and enjoy a late afternoon bustle you dream of.

I think they had pies, too.

Mudgie deep in contemplation

An inadvisable pint, but a good choice, the Purple Moose another NBSS 4. Not an exciting range for 2018 Manchester, but rather different from the trad Wainwright/Cumberland/Unicorn from my last visit, which may have been in the last century.

On the home straight now.


  1. My first visit to Beermoth and, as I said on B&PF, it came across to me as a rather sepulchral “beer shrine”. Not exactly somewhere the customers are expected to allow any fun to distract them from the appreciation of their beer. However, Paul’s reaction when he realised that the half of 9.5% Imperial Stout I had bought him cost ยฃ5.25 was memorable ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Were you two together? No TAND??? I believe I actually convinced him of the Bull’s Head’s merits a few years back, when he and I used to get along better.

        Not at all a fan of the Beer Moth, but the BP, OTOH, fantastic — duh. No City Arms? Shame! Peveril of the Peak though, classic.

        Pity I’ve lost my taste for most pong…

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    1. We curmudgeons might be expected to quite like a rather sepulchral venue but it’s not one I will rush back to – well certainly not at those prices.

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  2. Sometime soon, I shall make my way back to your Isles for a bit of a tour around by automobile. Will have new doggo in tow, maybe also old doggo and Missus. No fixed agenda yet, but not Thanet this time, I think. Need me some northern grimness. Give my best to Cookie!

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    1. I’m saying that beer quality in Manchester is higher and more consistent on a quiet day in early January than it was on my last big trips to London and Leeds (or Liverpool or Leicester or Worcester). In fairness, that trip top Leeds was during the Long Summer of Soup, and the beer in Slokken was marvellous, so #CaskLottery.


      1. I don’t think you could really go wrong on the day after the day after New Years eve? Er. … isn’t it the busiest day of the year and wouldn’t most of the beers be fresh on?


      2. Nope. Manchester was virtually closed on New Years Day (even Spoon shut at 6) so beer could have been sitting around for 36 hours. Pubs quietest I’ve seen them. Only us there V Dryanuary.


  3. I had a Dry January weekend.
    My back went on Friday and I spent most of the weekend unable to move.It really was The Lost Weekend.
    The 5’o’clock club were so worried they sent out a search party.
    Still in agony but managed five pints and a bottle of red last night.
    Ooh,is that the time ? Must be off…

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Two yoga positions: Greet The Sun and The Cat.

      I had back trouble for years, but those sorted me. I don’t do yoga per se mind.


  4. “Naughty Ale Curmudgeons on tour”

    Hang on. That looks like a left-hand drive vehicle (i.e. not British).

    “This may well have been taken earlier. Stop fussing.”

    Is that a gin palace? ๐Ÿ™‚

    “and the third time Iโ€™ve left with little recollection but a warm feeling (not that one)”

    You’re not that old… yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    “Mudgie deep in contemplation”

    I was thinking he’d just realised he’d put on the wrong pair of glasses.


    PS – “The beer Iโ€™d was firmly”

    You lost me there old sport. ๐Ÿ™‚


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