As mentioned already, I’m spending more time than strictly advisable in Peterborough at the moment, due to Mrs RM’s foreign excursions up the east coast starting at the nation’s favourite railway station.

On my recent visit to the Abbey Stadium, Cambridge fans were still singing that immortal ditty;

Cheer up Barry Fry

Oh what can it mean

To be an industrial Cathedral city,

Where real ale pickings are so lean

(Or something similar)

But I’ve always liked ‘Boro, and frankly Leyton Orient were always more realistic rivals for Cambridge anyway, both being London overflow at heart.


The area west of London Road (aka ABAX Stadium) used to be a string of top boozers, as well as a rare outlet this far south for cask John Smiths.

Less so now, with the Cherry Tree closed and the Coalheavers losing its top beers from my own village, but Oundle Road still has more pubs than the approach to the Etihad.

It’s what we call a mixed area, reflecting the brickworking industry in Fletton as it merges into more residential Woodston (apparently home to a Sam Smiths pub).

St Augustine
Posh ‘Boro
Art Deco Baptists

For years the most famous pub was the Palmerston, once evicted from the Beer Guide for the same selective admission criteria that did for a certain York gem.  I’ve saving this one for a visit with Mrs RM. She’ll love it.

Palmerston – Proper Pub

Instead, I popped next door to the Yard of Ale, as certain a pre-emptive GBG tick as I’ve been in all year.

Yard of Ale

Admit it, you thought it was going to be a micro pub, didn’t you ?


No- it’s not Doom Bar in that glass

If it was, it wouldn’t have been open at 3pm on a Monday, let alone selling Doom Bar and Tribute.

Despite cheery and efficient service, I feared the worst, especially as Monday afternoon is a real test for cask.  A few Professional Drinkers in, a Brewery salesmen looking for lager business, and a pleasant but modern sports bar styling don’t raise your hopes, do they ?

But the Oakham Citra was spot-on, as beer sommeliers say. Perfect serving temperature and texture, and it smelt gorgeous (NBSS 4+).

Crystal clear Citra

Citra really is a safe bet, whether because it’s the nation’s choice or because Oakham teach pubs how to keep it, who knows.

Fans of ’80s English pop would enjoy it more than fans of ’80s boozers,  “Wings of a Dove” and a 12″ version of “Lip Up Fatty” the highlights.  I suspect at 2pm on a matchday Saturday it’s hard to beat.

And just look at this head;







20 thoughts on “CHEER UP BARRY FRY

  1. “Admit it, you thought it was going to be a micro pub, didn’t you ?”

    Not after seeing the extending sign. 🙂

    “But the Oakham Citra was spot-on, ”

    Having a Session IPA myself right now (have to start packing in a bit and want a clear head for the long day tomorrow).

    “I suspect at 2pm on a matchday Saturday it’s hard to beat.”

    High praise indeed. (thumbs up)


    PS – I will more than likely not be replying to posts for the next 10 or 12 days as I’ll be visiting my sainted mother who does not have access to this new fangled Internet thingy. And, when I do get access at say – a bar – I’ll be too busy knocking back some beers with my brother who is flying in from France to visit at the same time as me. 🙂


      1. “but I dare say Simon, Ian, Paul, Glyn and myself will be devastated by your absence.”

        That thing you’re holding? It’s my leg. 🙂


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  2. You can’t really go wrong with Oakham can you. In fact it beggars belief that they have Doom and Tribute on at the side of them – Faced with the choice, What would you say? The path of least resistance it seems the only way. But can we look a little further? Too little far I think, self-belief’s the answer and not another drink.


    1. “You can’t really go wrong with Oakham can you” except for all the beer fanatics so concerned about ‘provenance’ that they wouldn’t touch with a bargepole an ale brewed in Peterborough but labelled only as ‘Oakham’.
      Give me a Proper Cornish beer any day, preferably Tribute rather than Doom Bar.

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  3. Bad Manners Madness and Oakham Citra… fantastic! Agree re GOOD Citra it’s a miles better version of Doom Bar…I had a couple of weeks at Posh back in the day and either farmers or London overspill…good place for night out..I missed Barry at Blues

    Liked by 1 person

  4. “No- it’s not Doom Bar in that glass”

    That’s obvious – you didn’t have to say that Martin, no-one would drink that stuff…;)

    PS – practicing Russ style comments in case we need them in his absence…

    Liked by 1 person

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