I promised you reports from Peterborough, but I never promised you they would all feature “the epitome of the brewers’ craft“, or whatever the CAMRA splinter group will be called.

If Craft can flower in Peterborough it can probably flower anywhere. Except Grimsby.


I went looking for Craft in the Wortley Almshouses. Sadly, this top-notch Sam Smiths, one of the few proper boozers centrally, has the curtains drawn tightly. Currently closed says WhatPub.  What is Sir Humphrey playing at ?

So your local professional drinkers are left with the two Spoons and a Stonegate place whose WhatPub entry cruelly offers Bass.

Sir Henry Royce

Bass, there was none. The cutting-edge selection all from Marston’s stable; they can wait to be sampled at source on the 4th.

Yellow jacket always a good sign

So I nipped in the Stoneworks, across the road from Westgate Shopping Centre, and became their first customer of the afternoon,

Not to be confused with Stonegate or Smokeworks

This review from the Peterborough People, or whatever, sums it up.

No connection with Rusty’s Lumpy Bucket

They know their place here.  CAMRA don’t know how to deal with a place that does Key Keg but doesn’t tell you which ones are Key Keg etc etc etc.  Yawn. It’s just beer.



As you see, a bit quiet mid-afternoon, but then so are the big city Brew Dogs.

At least I could read the labels on the wall (to be fair, even my Mum could read them).  The nice man (“from Prussia”) gave me plenty of time to dither before I picked something from Moor.


Not as fizzy as you might expect, so possibly Key Keg.  I might score it. I asked about cask, the nice man laughed.


Mrs RM would have liked it, I assured him.  Whether or not they serve Lupuloid in pints is another matter.

This is the CAMRA future kids.  Get ready to play.

2018 games tech
I didn’t do that



8 thoughts on “KEYKEG GOES POSH

  1. “POSH”

    Does that stand for Peterborough Overlooks Small Hills?

    “whose WhatPub entry cruelly offers Bass.”

    Bloody cruel indeed. 😦

    “This review from the Peterborough People, or whatever, sums it up.”

    Good lord. That’s hardly a testimonial.

    “This is the CAMRA future kids.”

    I think you may be right.

    Not the best of days, alas.

    Ah well, that’s why there’s always a tomorrow. 🙂


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sam Smiths are currently having a crisis. Around a dozen of their pubs are shut for the want of managers. Word may have got round about how Mr Smith sometimes treats his serfs.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Excellent, hopefully they have a diner as excellent as the one the Leningrad Cowboys own.
        Lots of Real Ale in Helsinki, perhaps the CAMRA rearguard could relocate to continue the good fight in a few weeks.

        Liked by 1 person

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