What times we live in !

Mrs RM has ditched the plane for the train, so I get to escort her up to Peterborough while her contract in Melrose lasts. I’m very excited.


There might even be a pre-emptive tick to alert Simon to before he starts Cambridgeshire, or at the very least some unexpected street art by the station.

And while the ‘Boro, as no-one calls it, is really just a bunch of shops next to a Cathedral, it is a great Cathedral.

Apart from a micro, no new GBG entries for a while now, which says something about beer consistency, anyhow.

Drapers. Top Spoons.

The Drapers Arms has been in the Guide since opening, serving some of the best beer in town.

The shops are quiet at 3pm, but the Spoons is heaving. And not with gentlefolk munchers, either.

A pokey place, packed with professional drinkers, the sort of place Spoons has been closing of late, in fact. No ! No !

Everyone seems to be congregating round the Festival ales. Perhaps this is the last place on earth where Spoons Fest is greeted with fervour.

I even saw a bloke go for the three thirds “flight”. It’s 2002 all over again.

But what exotic beers are in those barrels on the bar ?, I hear you ask.


Only the nation’s favourite beers ! Doom Bar and GK IPA served flat. Well the Cloudwater/Mikkeller exclusive would have to wait.

£1.49 with the last of the Q1 vouchers, what a bargain. Certainly drier than on handpump, I wouldn’t have recognised it as Doom.

A shame no-one else was trying it (I suspect some folk thought it was promotional rather than real), as it lacked a little in coolness. But NBSS 3.5 is the best score Doom Bar will get this month, I wager.

And yes, I will be going back for the IPA on Thursday.


  1. Had a pint of the GK Heritage Suffolk Pale Ale in Spoons last night, I got the impression it was what I would have been offered in Bury St. Edmunds in the mid-sixties. Not necessarily wonderful, but certainly interesting, and I’d love to try it on gravity.
    It would probably have been even better if given a couple of weeks in the cellar before being punted.

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  2. Let no one accuse you of not giving Doom Bar a chance. 😉 In the preceding posts it seemed you were the only customer in the pub; you must have been well pleased to be in a place filled with people. If I were to see the phrase “real ale festival” on a sign anywhere in America, I’d think I’d died and gone to heaven!

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