After the Gold Rush (well, three decent Skegness pubs), the reality.

I like to think I can find the hidden jewels anywhere on this sceptered isle, but Skeggy pushed my detective skills to their limit.

In the usual manner, the Pros and Cons.


As we’ve seen, decent beer IS available.  And the pubs are full of drinkersAll human life is here, and not just in the Spoons.

Craft beer has arrived in a bar next to Yate’s.

Home-made craft beer sign

It’s cheap.  The North Shore hotel was a bargain at £33, including H & C in all rooms.  They even had decent black pudding for breakfast, though the prolonged wait for the Lincolnshire sausage at the buffet nearly drove Charles insane.

Image result for black pudding

It’s the seaside, which looked rather better on Friday morning than in the dark.


The funfair looked quite atmospheric, and if I hadn’t ate curry the night before I might have been tempted.


It has a pier.  I have no idea what piers are for, but people seem to like them.

Skeggy Pier

If you have an impulse for a tattoo saying “Harry Kane, ‘ee’s not all that“, you can get one done at 10am on Friday morning here.


It’s not North Norfolk.  Which means the North Londoner count in August will be pleasingly low.

Fans of flat roof estate pubs will be in heaven.

Flat-roofed heaven

It has bingo.




It has bingo.

A classic, of sorts

Even though it was shut, we could see the lights on the Dunes pub illuminating our way along the crustaceans, and probably keeping most of East Lindsey awake.

Unfortunately for Charles, Bizzy Lizzie’s Whip & Dip Parlour turned out to be less exciting than promised.


We were too early for the Spice Girls show. That may be a Pro.

Scary Spice has aged well

Charles had a real battle to get his Skegness rock (apparently made in Blackpool).


The chap in Hames was determined not to sell us anything, instead giving us a blow-by-blow account of his inventory and refurbishment, and telling us he was closed while clearly being open. He should run a micro pub.  Skeggy could cope with one.

So more Pros and Cons, then.  But, but, but.  The pubs in the centre were horrific, even if the odd one did have an unused hand pump (Doom Bar or XB).


And the smell of dead aardvark in the one above was truly terrifying.




  1. I hav’nt been to Skeggy for many years,but we did have holidays there and stopped in a crummy flat next to the Pier Hotel which was opposite the pier.
    The last time i went there i was 20 and i took my younger brother round skeggy’s best pubs,all fun type pubs not
    proper pubs.
    Do they still call it Nottingham by the Sea.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “Home-made craft beer sign”

    If the Blue Moon in that sign means the beer Blue Moon, all I can say is that’s not bloody craft. 😉

    “including H & C in all rooms.”

    I’m afraid to ask (let alone guess!). 🙂

    “Skeggy Pier”

    You sure that’s not just one of the rides at the funfair?

    “you can get one done at 10am on Friday morning here.”

    Yes, yes… but did you go into the Attic Bar right beside it?

    “Flat-roofed heaven”

    I hesitate to ask what the woman outside was doing. (rolls eyes)

    “Bizzy Lizzie’s Whip & Dip Parlour turned out to be less exciting than promised.”

    For some reason that reminded of the H & C in all the rooms.

    “Scary Spice has aged well”

    She’s scarier to be sure.

    “And the smell of dead aardvark in the one above was truly terrifying.”

    Lacking your olfactory expertise I will have to take your word for it.



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