Admit it, you weren’t expecting this, were you ?  No. 127 in my Top 100 comes from SkegnessTheoretically.  Actually the Vine Hotel is from an alternate universe to the one inhabited by Busters Fun Pub (seven changing ales).


We stuck to the back streets on the way into the fun from North Shore.  Clearly the town hasn’t opened for business this year yet, or else the supplies of Carling delayed by the snow last week still haven’t got through.

Epic journey from Spoons to the Vine

The Vine is the second Skeggy GBG entry, edging out a Wetherspoons that managed to be less skeggy, and therefore much duller than you’d expect.

Plain Spoons
Le Punk est arrive – £3.49
Riotous behaviour

Lots of gentlefolk eating curries, a few locals on Bud Light, two pints of real ale poured for intrepid beer tourists from Cambridge and Norfolk to use up my quarter’s Spoons vouchers.

Average to good Spoons beer from Dorset Brewing and Evan Evans (exact same range as in Louth Spoons, fact fans), but some stellar lacings.

Look closely and see the outline of CAMRA HQ in that foam

The Vine is tucked at the end of a dark, dark lane. So dark Charles had to activate his secret torch to prevent us bumping into abandoned mobility scooters.

Actually, more likely to bump into the row of Audis parked in the Vine’s car park, dimly illuminated by low lighting from Skegness’s premier hotel (it says).

A light in the darkness

The entrance is rather gorgeous.


Mrs RM and I stayed here on the eve of the millennium (if you believe that started in 2000 rather than 2001), before I rushed home to Harperbury Hospital as on-call officer for the Year 2000 Bug.  Ah, memories.

It sticks in the mind because the great Roger Protz was staying there too, and our six month old son howled through the Prawn Cocktail before we called it quits.  I didn’t say hello to Roger.

Back in 1999, it just seemed an old-fashioned Best Western.  Now, it’s an old fashioned Best Western with a proper public bar.

Batemans best

The busiest pub by far on a cold Thursday night in March, and clearly selling more Batemans than the rest of Skeggy put together.  These folk had clearly trudged past 17 fun pubs to get here and drink BBB.


Charles found the last table in the dark brown corner, right next to the HD TV showing darts.

Charles in the corner

Alongside restaurants of increasing formality in the other three rooms, there was an Indian menu in the bar.  There is no better beer to wash down a Chicken Dhansak than XB (NBSS 3.5+), though the maltier XXXB was a bit of a challenge. Yummy.

If this sounds a bit like another Vine, you’d be right.

Simon would have picked up on banter about “Saveloy at the Savoy”; I confess I was gripped by the darts.  Some bloke made a stirring comeback against another bloke; we waited for the 13th and deciding leg.  They called it a draw at 6-6 and went down the pub.

We took the lighter way back to our Golf Hotel, too full for the guest beer.



*It turned out young James had a hernia.  I know you like medical detail


18 thoughts on “TOP 100 PUBS – THE VINE, SKEGNESS

      1. Yes, I remember well Donnington SBA in the Froth & Elbow Bar of the Shakespeare in Stratford during the 1970s – and drinking Yates’s Bitter in the surprisingly basic, stone-flagged bar of the George Hotel in Keswick all week long in 1990 while persistent rain prevented it from being a walking holiday.

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      1. That one at Dunwich, Suffolk is particularly excellent – forgot it’s name, I did a post on it and I was only in there in November! It’s got a big anchor outside it, but it’s not called the Anchor.

        Liked by 1 person

    1. In large swathes of Scotland hotel bars are all there is. Some are wonderful especially on cold days with comfortable chairs by roaring fires. They can be a bit hit and miss on the cask ale front but sometimes you get lucky otherwise keg Deuchars isn’t too bad and there’s always Tennents…

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  1. “Busters”

    I thought that a photo from your Vegas trip. 🙂

    “(if you believe that started in 2000 rather than 2001)”

    Exactly! 🙂


    I’m intrigued by the “book your own pod” sign in that photo. 😉


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