Time for a pub cat !  Definitely the star turn at the Pineapple.  As someone remarked during a gap in service, if he could pour pints he’d be perfect.

7) The Pineapple – Kentish Town


A rare community pub in the Beer Guide in North London, rare cool beer, Bass mirror and Are you one of those CAMRAs”. I didn’t deny it.

8) Nottingham House – Cleethorpes

Cleethorpes was the surprise of the year, a riot of a Friday night taking in 2 station pubs, a scary Spoons and a return to this classic “old school” boozer for Midlanders on holiday.

My notes say “not genteel“, “best Tetley in years” and “barmaid remembered what I’m drinking”.  All it needs is a mobility scooter and Bob’s your Uncle (actually, he is, he lives in Heacham).

Nottingham House
Nottingham on holiday. Possibly


9) Live & Let Live – Cambridge

Cambridge has proper pubs (albeit a bit middle-class), superb flat beer, and enough sense to stick to reliable breweries.  I rarely go in those pubs, but I revisited the Live during lunch at Fenners, and it was just perfect. Citra never tasted so good.



10) Royal Oak – Knaphill, Woking

Just to prove the North doesn’t have all the best beer, the Royal Oak delivered an exhibition of cellar management in semi-rural Surrey.


Proper Job, top licensee



11) The Wharf Inn, Welford

Another old favourite that delivered another old favourite (Pedigree) at perfection, reminding me just how good a beer it is when a licensee cares. But never mind that,what were these posh folks talking about on the next table ?


BBC period Drama drama






12) Black Horse – Preston

Another old favourite, and I’m not just talking about Matthew, recreating the pose that made him famous.  If the Black Horse was somewhere famous like Stockport, rather than a backwater like Preston, it’s be famous. Wonderful Unicorn here.


Two legends



Old Toms only




More tomorrow….








6 thoughts on “MORE GOLDEN PUBS 2017

  1. “What were these posh folks talking about on the next table?” More to the point, what were these posh folks, and the two ladies in particular, doing?

    Lovely old Bass mirror at the Pineapple. I shall make a point of stopping by for a look (and a pint), next time I visit my old work colleague who lives in Kentish Town.

    ps. Matthew has fallen asleep whilst waiting for that “northern head” to settle out from his beer!

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