Bud Light at the rodeo

A 4.30am start, or lunchtime in your money, for a 5 hour coach trip to the Grand Canyon.

A journey currently enlivened by “School of Rock” and Australian girls discussing their belief in the paranormal and how Bananas in Pyjamas went downhill when CGI was introduced (those last two are connected).

Coach meeting point

Let’s just hope there’s some Bass at the end to make it worthwhile, eh ?

So more posts from places I’ve never heard of, with a coach stop in Kingman at what Google calls a cocktail bar.

Snappy name

It looks nothing like any cocktail bar I’ve wandered into (by accident).

Pub stop

Clearly a comfort break for the early coach trips from Vegas, a friendly barmaid points us straight to the loos out by the rodeo, which is something Good Beer Guide pubs tend to lack.

Trad pub seating
Craft rodeo

At just before 11am it’s clearly much too early for a beer. So I order a Belgian White ($5), based on the quality of the font.

Proper keg font US style

I presume it’s made by a tiny US micro brewery with lots of street cred, but even Mrs RM can recognise it as a fake Hoegaarden.

Still, it washes down 3 packets of crisps and attracts withering looks from the rest of the coach party, so job done.

Crisps are not Pipers

Quite a cheery little place, the sort you get im rural Poland, selling beer and pizza at all hours.

NOT Bass from the jug

Though somehow looking more like a Fenland social club here.

Arizona murk

I sense I cant resist the lure of the Bud Light on its home turf forever.


  1. “I presume it’s made by a tiny US micro brewery with lots of street cred,”

    Yep, that micro brewery called Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV. πŸ™‚

    “Crisps are not Pipers”

    Nope. Since over here crisps are not crisps, they’re chips. πŸ˜‰

    “I sense I cant resist the lure of the Bud Light on its home turf forever.”

    Good Lord, I hope so. (but, as mentioned above, Shock Top made by the same company as Bud Light). πŸ™‚

    Still, it was the best of the bunch from the looks of that Bass/jug photo as they all appear to be members of the An/Busch InBev SA/NV consortium.



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    1. “But you know the old joke, β€œwhat do American beer and making love in a canoe have in common?”

      I know the answer, but Martin’s blog is too refined for me to write it here. (LOL)


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  2. Loved the details of the journey– School of Rock and Bananas in Pajamas– proves you don’t have to be traveling alongside Simon to encounter random weirdness (though it helps, surely!).

    Call me unpatriotic, but seeing photos of the plasticky genericness of these American drinking places after so many lovely British pub photos just makes me despair a little. But hopefully they’re interesting from your point of view?

    What’s your verdict on the American crisps? πŸ™‚

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    1. There’s a certain Americaness about well … America, that fascinates me. I’m not sure what it is? Almost an overwhelming, yet unseen heritage; like there are no old buildings (comparative to UK), but there are some architectural gems, reminiscent of the USA we see/saw in films. It’s the old world country that happened overnight, fashioned from bits and pieces from all over the globe. The things that fascinate me are the late twentieth century kitsch, like in Martins photos. I guess it’s a similar thing with the old UK pubs (and other establishments) that similarly grabs Americans. I also see a pathos in a country that seems to have forgotten and neglected the native peoples of this broad land too.

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  3. 11am.
    For Americans that’s the dangerously peckish time between the all-you-can breakfast buffet and the lunchtime super-sized burger and fries.
    Glad to see you didn’t go native and have the hotdog and giant chocolate chip cookie combo elevenses.
    And looking forward to see if your kids chortled at every mention of the word rim at the Grand Canyon like mine did.


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