Once I get home I’ll do a proper post on America; the Chinese takeaway chains, shambolic coaches, and irritating habit of adding tax at the till. You’ll be glad you live in Runcorn. Or Canada.

Vegas is astonishing though. Believe me, it’s better than going to the real Eiffel Tower and Pyramids. Fake Venice is less convincing, coffee is marginally cheaper here.

Fake Venice

We walked the strip, saw the free stuff, and I managed to get out of seeing Celine Dion as it was $566 each.

The lovely Cem from Gwynedd A Mon CAMRA had given me some tips, including one for $3 suds at Ellis Island Brewing.

He lied. They were $2.50 (plus “keep your own”).

Try getting to the bar

In fact, the guy at the pizza concession told me to stand at the gaming table to get that price, rather than his four bucks.

Choice of five from the in-house brewery (one was “coming soon”), with exciting names like Pale, Light, Weiss and Stout.

Wot no 16 pumps

In a sterile atmosphere (theres not much banter in a casino), and with two “minors” in tow, we couldn’t enjoy it, even with a view of the exciting brewing vessels.

Shiny but tasteless

It was tame beer as well, the sort you’d expect from one of those brewing and bowling places in Watford. The Stout was marginally better than an anaemic pale, but you can see why Yanks like Sam Smiths.


BrewPubs, like pubs with a dozen handpumps in the UK, are often a fashion accessory rather than a mark of quality.

Still, I might get to pay £20 for a keg Bass at Gordon Ramsay’s pub later.

Perhaps you can work out how much the craft beer in “H from Steps” bar costs per pint.

27 thoughts on “WHADDYA EXPECT FOR $2.50 IN VEGAS ?

  1. “You’ll be glad you live in Runcorn. Or Canada.”

    Oh, we have added tax in Canada as well. Plus it’s more expensive here. 😉

    “In fact, the guy at the pizza concession told me to stand at the gaming table to get that price, rather than his four bucks.”

    Heh, that reminds me of a trip to New York with my brother and both our wives. We were in Central Park and stopped by a lake with a small concessions nearby selling two sizes of Heineken cans. My brother and I asked how much, he said a price, we said for large or small and he said same price for both.

    We chose the larger can. 🙂

    “Perhaps you can work out how much the craft beer in “H from Steps” bar costs per pint.”

    According to my calculations about 6.78 pounds, but no idea what the added tax and tip would be.




  2. You mean you went all the way to Ellis Island Casino and didn’t extol the virtues of the cheap as chips steak and chips ?
    There’s hope for you yet on this trip lad.

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  3. Loved every line in this, but my favorite was this: “you can see why Yanks like Sam Smiths.”

    At the end of all this I’m hoping for two final verdicts, one based purely on how enjoyable the trip was, and the other on the various beer experiences taken as a whole. In regards to the latter, can American places compare favorably to the likes of good GBG pubs? I am skeptical, it must be said!

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    1. That’s definitely the question, Mark. Other countries, particularly Germany, have recognizably pubby places where folk go to drink and talk, but I expect to find LA and Vegas all about drinking as adjunct to dining and sports TV. Hope I’m wrong. Weather here is sensational 😄😁

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      1. I believe your perception is accurate. Pubs in the US are not really designed for conversation. Food, sport or music tend to dominate. Often at a high volume. I do think this is what drives older people out of the pub scene in the US. My father in law goes to the pub with us most Saturdays. I would say my pub is normally reasonable as far as volume, but there are times he just cannot hear. I find it more difficult as I age and could see it limit how often I go.

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      2. Pretty much the same in Canada Dave. My brother notices that whenever he comes over from France once a year when he and I visit our Mom and we manage to sneak out just us two for a pint. 😦



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      3. The resolutely beery place in Old Vegas (Banger Brewing) was 21+ only, so one of several places we couldn’t even sit outside with the boys. Not that we cared much, the fug of smoke as you entered casinos to get to bars was much worse.


  4. Martin – Go to the MGM Grand and into the Hi-Rollers lounge, there’s no loud music, no queuing, comfy seating where you can sit and chat quietly between games, you don’t have to go to the bar because everything is brought to you AND everything is free! I don’t recollect them having any Draught Bass though?

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