I’m doing these posts in chronological order, so it’s pure coincidence that I follow the Flippin’ Frog with the Itchy Pig.  Being picky, micro pub naming is a disgrace.  What’s wrong with traditional pub names like Number 37a, Mirth Magic & Maud, and Chime ?

My ambition to visit all the Sheffield pubs while James is at Uni is progressing slowly. I really ought to sneak a visit into Edge Bar, the first year students bar at Endcliffe.

I met James in Balti King at Fulwood Road, where he probably had his first proper meal since the last time I came up.  It looks very plain, but the curries were first-rate.

Everything but Balti

Never follow a curry with a beer is my rule for life, especially before tackling a hill. But I’ve walked past the Itchy Pig a dozen now and it must have a fair shout of joining Sheffield’s Beer Guide entries soon.

Itchy Pig.PNG

If I was prone to hideous over-generalisation, I’d say micros fall into two categories;

  • Micros run by blokes in their 50s serving microbrewery beer to blokes in their 50s for £3 a pint.  Exhibit 1 here
  • Micros run by blokes in their late 20s serving anyone anything. They tend to merge into bottle shops and brewery taps in style. Exhibit 2 here

The Itchy Pig is firmly in the second category, with plenty of Post-Grad types (think Cambridge Blue)

Can’t beat Abbeydale

A solid beer range to meet all tastes, but no doubt some CAMRA folk visiting from Berkshire or Bromsgrove will tip up, look at the menu and declare “Nothing of interest, lads“.

Proper beer range

I like the mix of folk, just like you get in a real pub, only with better hats.


But lets face it, you’re never going to get hilarious arguments or rank stupidity in a small pub full of sensible people having a quiet drink, are you ?

That half of Abbeydale Voyager was advertised as “hazy“, which is what I got. Everyone else seemed to be drinking rather more sensibly. Decent though.

Drink enough of that Hibernation and you’ll be in hibernation !!!”   It’s 4.2% mate !

There is one definite micro pub giveaway.


And if that doesn’t sell it to you, look what the record shop round the corner has this back in store;




  1. That looks like most curry houses in the Balti triangle and they are all top notch too! My pet hate is when peopel go to a pub and write about the lack of beer range if it ‘only’ has on about 4 ales!!!! Aaaaargh…More importantly I expect a post about the Edge Bar inside the next two months!

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    1. There’s a North Western blogger who regularly posts pictures of local pubs in Bury with seven or eight beers on and complains about the range. He ought to live in North London or East Brum for a month.

  2. ” and write about the lack of beer range if it ‘only’ has on about 4 ales!!!! ”

    Says the man who’s quite content if they only have Heineken on tap. (just kidding!) 🙂

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  3. Is that map with the plethora of ‘P’s (hang on, I have to use the loo now) indicative of a Uni town?

    “Proper beer range”

    I’ll say! Not only in ABV but in styles as well. (thumbs up)

    As to the unisex bathroom, that makes sense to me. A place that size doesn’t need to splurge on an extra loo* (unless maybe Si is in one of his moods). 🙂


    * – oh, ok – they could maybe look at a trough out the back for the lads?

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      1. “I need to go through your one liners and pick out the best of them for my year-end review,”

        Naw. Just leave them where they are for others to find like little nuggets of gold*. 😉


        * – I can say that because;

        a) I’m Canadian and
        b) My wife’s folks actually used to pan for gold as a semi-serious hobby up in the Yukon for many years. 🙂

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  4. Ahem … does the Itchy Pig serve pork scratchings ?

    ( Context – in their early years I cruelly hoaxed my kids into believing that pork scratchings were the deep-fried sheddings of pigs suffering from eczema.The look on their young innocent faces when I crunched into a big juicy one was a joy to behold.)

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  5. Thunder & Consolation is New Model Army’s best album, and I’m very fond of The Balti King, used to visit regularly when in Sheffield. Is it still open ’til the very small hours ?

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  6. Used to live in Broomhill in the 1980s so spent a lot of time in the York, Broomhill Tavern, Fox and Duck, South Sea and the Nottingham House. On a big evening up Crookes to the Old Grindstone, Noah’s Ark and Ball Inn. Lots of John Smiths Magnet, Stones Bitter, Tetley, Wards etc consumed! The Balti King used to be The Pink Panther restaurant (French?, “posh” ish) if I remember correctly.

    Not lived there for a while but on occasional visits found The York is good for beer and the Notty is definitely worth a visit as a) it was where the pub scenes in the 1984 nuclear war drama “Threads” were filmed and b) does a damn good pie (with Henderson’s relish of course). Yet to visit the Itchy Pig, one day..

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    1. Wow. All of those pubs are familiar, all in the Beer Guide, apart from South Seas. Very consistent pubs and beers round there, lucky students.

      A gallon of Magnet my idea of a great session, can’t believe we lost that one.

      Oddly, I don’t remember “Threads”.


  7. Yes, the Fox and Duck has a lot to answer for. Usual routine was too much Magnet (in oversized glasses) then into Record Collector (a venerable Broomhill institution) to buy something by The Residents or whatever weirdness I was into at the time. Threads probably stuck in my head because of the Sheffield connection, proper apocalyptic stuff at the time.

    It’s a different Sheffield now to then beer wise, there’s some fallen by the wayside, but a thriving scene and loads of gems. Kelham Island area/Sheffield Tap etc (as you recently documented) – the stuff of dreams waiting for a train back then. The Red Deer the other side of the Uni from Broomhill is a favourite too.

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