There is one thing to be said in favour of Whyteleafe. No, two. At least.

Whyteleafe 2.PNG

There’s a decent Travelodge there for £39, and more railway stations than pubs. That’s actually true; apart from the new micro, the sole tavern offers Pride or Bombardier. So don’t go complaining about your own drinking scene.

It’s pleasantly hilly, and seems to have more takeaways than strictly necessary.  As tourist info goes, I’ve seen worse pitches for your business. The World HQ of Ann Summers is based in the village, no doubt accounting for the number of rampant rabbits on Coxes Wood.

Ultimately though, it’s The Place In the World Most Likely to Have a Micropub.


A relief, then, that the Radius Arms is decent. Perhaps because of the paucity of competition, it was packed within five minutes of opening (4pm, obviously).  Who knows, there may have been a queue of Whyteleafe’s smartly dressed gentle folk outside the door at 3.59 p.m.

Apart from me, they were nearly all wearing cardigans, and all drinking the Old Dairy Red Top.

A wise choice (NBSS 3.5). Four pints of that Old Diary were pulled in ten minutes, one of the rare occasions I’ve actually seen a beer “selling like hotcakes“.

An ambitious range of drinks included the evil KeyKeg from local breweries (and BrewDog in bottles), priced rather more sensibly than in my own local craft emporium.


It was a very pleasant atmosphere, though the layout of high tables perched on barrels arranged round the room doesn’t break the mould.

And I learnt more about Surrey’s golf courses in that ten minutes than I had in the rest of my life.


      1. Far from me to question the country with the greatest pubs in the world, but… I go to the bus stop, the car park or the railway station?

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  1. My wife knows all about MIcro Blues,she hates them with a passion,so i now avoid taking her into any new local micro pubs,i also would never like to have a stay in one,just a quick drink and then off to a proper pub.

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      1. I don’t hate them either and like you do have found them to be samey,but my wife does,she like likes a proper pub with a bit of life to it.
        Regarding the map shots,i thought you were taking the photos of your own maps,i always thought Ordnance Survey were very strict about copy right which is the reason the maps rarely get discounted.


  2. It looks like you have gone from OS Landranger map shots to OS Explorer map shots on this latest blog,i bought 8 of them but never got on with them due to the scale being larger,i could not judge my walking times when looking at the Explorer maps,so gave up on them,i now only use the Landranger maps as i can judge walking times with them better.


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