After two consecutive “Proper Pubs” it was inevitable the last new Guide entry in Medway would be a micro pub. But, hey, not all micros are woeful middle-aged drinking clubs, are they ?


To add to the sense of fun I walked from Chatham to Rochester, which is virtually contiguous, a word I can now spell but never really understand.


Medway may appear scruffy to the ill-informed, but this must be one of the most interesting OS extracts so far.

Historic dockyards and castles to the north, hilly estates and prisons to the south, micropubs all around, and a river runs through it.

Chatham Info. board

There’s some elegant architecture as you cross into Rochester, which is apparently holding some sort of Dickens festival.  A weekend when Rochester wasn’t holding some sort of Dickens festival would be news.

Obviously very few of the buildings are used for their original purpose.

Proper architecture
Now a Meze
Now a Chinese
Now a micro pub

The eastern end of Rochester High Street isn’t as touristy or chintzy as the west towards the castle, which suits me fine, and probably means the rents are a bit cheaper for the new micros like Northern Seaman and Flippin’ Frog.

Rochester WhatPub.PNG
Micros, micros, everywhere
Flippin Frog

What distinguishes the Frog, apart from some idiosyncratic humour, is a classy bar food menu that was bringing in a much more mixed crowd than normal i.e. folk under 50.


A good local beer range too, with the Tonbridge Chestnut selling like horse chestnuts (NBSS 3.5).

The chap on the left below demanded to know why I wasn’t taking a photo of him.

I get in all the photos in here when the micropub tourists come” (or words to that effect).

Happy to oblige, Sir.


Smile NOW


He knows his pubs, and gave me a blow-by-blow account of the state of Rochester’s great pub stock, most of which will delight BRAPA when he gets here.

But the star, as so often, is the Gents.

Wasn’t me



    1. Why? Good question. Here in Bristol we have a couple and both of them are like mausoleums (mausolea?) Good beer and reasonably priced but dead. You need a paper to read to stop yourself from just staring at the wall and waiting for death to come as a merciful release.

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      1. I’m glad you said that and not me Bill. They’re either too busy so you have to stand, or too quiet, and I don’t like that high seating round the walls at all. Give me proper bench seating.


  1. That fellow who wanted his photo taken looks a little bit like the owner of the original micropub, The Butchers Arms (Martyn Hillier).

    As for “Now a Meze, now a Chinese”, you should have followed up with ‘now a small drinkeries” (or some such). 🙂


    PS – “and a river runs through it.”

    Argh! Should have saved my Crimea River pun for here. 😉

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