Ultimate proof that everything cost a shilling in 1972, including beer, just like everything cost a penny in 1952, and a groat in 1852.

Today’s post celebrates the ticking prowess of Pubmeister, who seems to have the same zest for football grounds as pubs.

I bet the matchday experience at Rossvale Juniors of Bishopriggs is better than my recent pub experience in Ross-on-Wye.

Duncan’s post on his trip can cover the entirety of Bishoprigg’s real ale outlets briefly; they’re marked on the handy WhatPub extract below.


My own ground-hopping ended at Middlesbrough v Southampton in 1999, having completed the 92 league grounds* in about 5 years.  That’s pretty much when I moved onto GBG pubs, just when Mrs RM hoped I’d move onto the garden.

Anyway, Worcester.  Home of the County Cricket Ground that is on my bucket list, though I’m currently stuck in the twilight zone between the famous cake being served at 3pm at New Road, but free entry not till after tea.  What would Duncan do ?

You don’t think of Hereford or Worcester as a hotbed of football passion, but just down the road from the cricket is a shrine to the Bulls.

Callow end.PNG

I’ll gloss over the fact The Old Bush at Callow End is in Worcs; some of Steve White’s less successful efforts on goal ended up on the county boundary.

Callow End has much for the Malverns dog walker, and lovers of black-and-white houses and smiley flags.




Pleasingly, also, a village local tucked down an unmarked lane, always a thrill for the pub ticker.

As is the sight of Boring Best Bitters, of course (Brown or otherwise).


Essentially an unpretentious (and cheap)  dining pub for unpretentious gentle folk, I thought it was a bit of a gem, particularly with a cool Hobsons (NBSS 3)  enjoyed on a self-guided tour of the rambling interior.


Lots of areas to hide with your half, or your ploughman’s, or your draughts.


You could, of course, drive a couple of miles to a Marston’s 2-for-1 in the hills, but then you’d never be reminded of the great glory-hunting days of 1972 and 1996,


or enjoy “The Boys of Summer” with your pint. Sorry Mudge, I left before Heart came on.



And in case our American and Canadian readers are wondering what the title is all about, here it is. Never forget the tackle



*Actually, 91 football grounds and a library in Islington


37 thoughts on “1972 AND ALL THAT

  1. Bloody good goal that (and yes, I had no idea what the title was about).

    That must have been quite the upset. And I love the alliteration of Rocket Ronnie Radford.


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      1. Some folk have said I should explain myself more, but that would ruin it for me. Half the fun of reading BRAPA is when you get his cultural reference or memory of a similarly rubbish pub. We write for ourselves, not for the Minneapolis or Cheshire elite πŸ˜‰

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      2. “And it snowed in Canada that year.”

        I’ll have you know there’s many a July in Canada where it doesn’t snow at all. πŸ™‚
        (and I’ve spent two six-month tours at Alert so I know of what I speak)


        PS – Apologies if the Dave who said it was obvious is not the Dave who lives on this side of the pond. I see we have a Dave with a brown icon thingy beside his name and another with a pink icon thingy. πŸ™‚

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      3. “Thanks for the map extract, loved that.”

        “What were you looking for up there that took 12 months – a handpump ?”

        It’s actually a Canadian military station (not a base, it’s definitely not big enough).


        Being that far north the whole year is basically one long day; three months of total darkness, three months of total daylight, and the a combination of twilight/regular days as the sun slowly makes its way either completely above or completely below the horizon.

        As to why? Let’s just say we were closer to Russia up there than to Canada’s capital, Ottawa (wink, wink).


        PS – I did two six-month tours; one that covered the total dark period and one that covered the total daylight period. Total daylight was much preferred.

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      1. Yes a great goal when football was football,
        Have you heard Physco’s advert on radio,not sure what it is about but he goes on to say,”When footballers celebrated a goal properly and tackled properly and did not wear alice bands and the like.
        A great Forest player but not my wifes,she loved John Robertson running down the left wing and took quite a shine to him.

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  2. Great pic at top. Haven’t been to Callow End yet. Planning to go to Worcs v Durham Tuesday and Wednesday. Pears need 6 points for promotion. A programme is as welcome for me at a game as a local CAMRA branch magazine in a pub. Rossvale did issue too. 2 others had travelled from England including the man who won’t count it if it’s a goalless draw. Bit like finding no real ale in a Guide pub I suppose.

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  3. I have some vague recollection of posting on here about Steve White and his razor sharp elbows but it is very feasible I didn’t press the post comment button!!! Hereford is definitely more chilled than most towns in England….I believe there terminology is ‘slower pace of life…Apparently the great and good in Hereford are all now heading out towards Edgar St with a shiny new development?

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    1. I have just read a couple of your posts on your blog about two pubs in Derby,done both and done the Half Moon a few times,Everards built the Ferrers Arms and the Asda that you took a photo of is on the site of a Shipstones tied house that was an estate pub just like the Ferrers,it was called The Fighting Cocks and had a great pint of Shippos bitter on the bar,but then most Shippos houses had decent beer on,our favourite Nottingham brewery by a long way.

      I did not know how to do a reply on your blog.

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      1. There’s a box at the very bottom of the blog called “Leave a Reply”, Alan. I suspect you’ve been to a lot of BeerMat’s featured pubs. I’ve copied your comments onto his blog.


  4. Bit late to the game, but I concur that the Bush is a bit of a gem. So good in fact I broke the habits of a lifetime and left a glowing Trip Advisor review. I’d strongly advise a visit on Friday evening for the Meat Raffle, as entertaining as any foot ball game. Quite the worst example of bar-blocking from burly locals though, the true sign of a great village local…

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