Just in case anyone from Ross-on-Wye is still reading, I have good from the M50/A49.

The Yew Tree in Peterstow is a bit of a classic, particularly for those of us who like pubs with cider presses (home of Ross-on-Wye Cider and Perry Co) and camp sites out the back,



and a complete lack of pretension in the furnishings.


A cheery Landlord (behind the bar !) and a beer range to disabuse you of any notion that this is a basic Defford-type Cider House.


In fact, proving that Craft gets everywhere these days, they had a bucket of Salty Kiss on the bar and the cutting edge Lancaster Red coming next on the bar.

No idea why I had the Legless Cow rather than the Hobsons, not like me at all.  It was a  gorgeous Boring Amber Bitter (BAB ?), a rare NBSS 4 in the dawning of the new Guide.



Being English, I chatted about the weather, rather than the hops in the beer.

The menu looked a real throwback to a 1950s Hereford restaurant I would have wanted to visit, but probably never existed;

  • Cider Cooked Ham, Double Egg & Chips
  • Smoked Mackerel Pate with Salad Garnish and Toast
  • Treacle Tart with Cream, Ice Cream or Custard

Sadly I was on a crisp diet.



I thought I’d better explore the cider shed, which managed to be industrial and mysterious at the same time.


I asked the chap carrying several dozen crates of “bottle conditioned” back to his range rover if he’d got a big night planned.

All going to the parents’ holiday home in France”  he explained.  His parents seemed to be doing well on it.

You know my thoughts on bottles; I bought this one for my “Curry and Craft ColleagueCharles, who reciprocated with a bottle he brought back from somewhere rather more exotic.  I can’t show you that one.


Finally, since it’s a slow news day, here’s the results from the Westons Scrumpy Supreme League as displayed in the Yew Tree. I know Russ in Canada has been waiting for these since April.

NB Blaze the Biblins would make a great band name.





  1. “I know Russ in Canada has been waiting for these since April.”
    Has it been that long? 🙂
    And my money was on “Sperminators” and “Duck Yew” respectively… which is why I don’t gamble too much.

    “No idea why I had the Legless Cow”
    Good man. To do otherwise would have been *cough* udderly ridiculous. 😛

    “You know my thoughts on bottles;”
    I shall leave that for another time (he types; after downing his 8th 12oz can of IPA* at home).


    *My “go-to” beer normally is bitter (hence my “good man” note above) but today was an IPA day. It’s just one of those things.

    After all, as someone (famous) once said; “the best beer is the one in your hand”.

    And with that, I am off to bed. 🙂

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