Five posts from Brighton and no pictures of the beach, so here’s one from Daniel.

April 2023.

Four new GBG ticks in two hours, just like the old days. It concluded at the Hole in the Wall,

tucked away in an unprepossessing little street near that big pole in the ground which turns out to be an observation tower. Allegedly you can see France from the top.

I’d been wondering where all west Brighton’s beer-focused pubs had gone, but the Hole fills that, er, hole.

It was sensational.

The first thing you hear is;

“Gonna need four (4) Bloody Marys”

“Bad day”

That might indicate tourist crowd, but it feels like a real local.

And despite the slight nervousness a bank of pumps without clips always engenders,

there’s a very high cask throughput, one of the fastest this year.

The guy in front picks the Kelham Island beer, I almost say “Hey, I live there !” but then remember it’s brewed in Bakewell, and I follow his lead.

Cool, rich and foamy (NBSS 3.5), the best revitalised Pale Rider since the City Arms.

Proper bench seating, readable beer lists, pints well under a fiver,

eclectic soundtrack,

and groups of blokes standing around staring.

A wonderful place.


  1. I spent a few hours on Brighton Beach last week waiting for a meeting. That pub must have been hidden from view by that wonderful Odeon cinema.

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  2. I did mean to pop in here a couple of weeks ago, being but a short hop from the Travelodge, but ended up going the other way in search of craft-wankery delights at Brewdog (plus I really fancied one of their burgers)

    That i360 tower actually has a bar in the pod. Sadly no handpulls, just cans of Harveys when I went up in it. I don’t know if you can see France, but you can see the roof of the Holiday Inn, which is probably better!


  3. Agreed, excellent pub that fully deserves its place in the Guide. The other new Brighton one was disappointing – like Harveys had decided they should try something modern but their heart wasn’t in it.

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