April 2023.

I decided I’d use the last Friday in April to finish the Lincolnshire GBG entries. Honestly, you would too. They’re either rubbish, or never open, or both.

Mrs RM said she’d come with me. I think she mixed up Market Rasen with Market Drayton or Melton Mowbray or Mogadishu in her head.

We didn’t actually visit a pub in “The Raze“, as the kidz call it, so if that concerns you wait a couple of hours and they’ll be a new post.

I wondered if I’d ever been there before, but Caistor is as close as I got, and if I’d stopped I’d have remembered the horror, the horror !

I guess you can lump Rasen in with a number of other remote farming communities down the east coast like Bourne and Holbeach and Chatteris, but Chatteris has a great new GBG entry. Honest.

Rasen doesn’t even have a market, at least when we visited, and appears to be crumbling. Mrs RM queued for 20 minutes at the Post Office to post back a mysterious item she’d bought but didn’t like, something which takes up 43% of her time.

Let’s be kind. This little square near the church is colourful,

though tying Winnie the Pooh to your drainpipe is a hangable offence in Louth.

We were too early for “Ladies Down Under”, which sounds the sort of thing they show in the toilets in Pristina.

and weren’t hanging around for the Salvation Army Fellowship Band at the Methodist Church, the best looking building in town.

It’s not without redemption. The church has some statues of folk who have just drunk a saison by mistake,

and the High Street has some classic ghost signs.

Oh, and Ray has made a real effort to brighten up the approach to the station.

Honestly, I never knew it had a station.

It never had a cafe, either, but now it does and the March Hare is as mumsy and middle class as anywhere in South Cambs or Wandsworth.

Great service, lovely omelettes, and Mrs RM knocked over a zebra. Not a real one, you understand, that’s still to come.

She thought I should pop in a pub as well, just for completeness, but I’d hate to deprive one of my readers from the fame of being the first person to blog about Market Rasen pubs.

Go on. You know you want to.


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