And so to the Humber for three days of what is known in ticking circles as “mopping up”.  I can’t wait to show you my famous GBG map and spreadsheet soon, so that Duncan can laugh at it.

First stop, Caistor, capital of the “Greater Lincolnshire Backwaters”, shown here in relation to Grimsby for context.


My Navigator tells me I’ve been here before, my GBG spreadsheet says this is the first Guide entry for a decade or more, and my phone insists this is Market Rasen.

Market Rasen is a thriving metropolis compared to Caistor  (pop. 2601), which is so quiet I can stand in the middle of South Street for 20 minutes to set this shot up.

“Get oot the way”

So what’s the White Hart got to get it in the Guide ?

Ah, of course.

Theakston with horns

Clearly the Draught Bass is the love that dare not speak its name, as WhatPub promises only Black Sheep and Deuchars.

Easy choice then.

A harder choice of where to take my Bass with some good Proper Seating in two lovely rooms.


I only chose the bar as the conversation between two nurses finishing their pie, chips and onion rings was BRAPA-tastic, but then they finished up immediately and left me on my own. NHS staff only get 20 minute lunch breaks, I guess.

Smart rooms

Smart but unpretentious, with the pots and pans a reminder that you’re still in late 1987 in North Lindsey or whatever the area is called.

But we got “Wannabe” and “Somewhere Only We Know” to singalong to, which the barmaid did, surprisingly well.

I declined and stuck to admiring a creamy Bass (NBSS 3) that probably wouldn’t convert you to the One True Faith.


Still, lacings, eh ?

A masterclass

A bit quiet considering it’s the only pub left in town (there’s a café bar/bistro with handpumps across the road that will now get in the next Guide), but it’s a lovely little place, full of hills and history.

Craft murk has flowed from here since 1672



And just off the market place you may spot the ghost of the last CAMRA member to come here and ask for a top-up.

Don’t look up





15 thoughts on “CAISTOR SUGAR

  1. What percentage of the time do you find whatpub accurate as to the beer type served? Don’t labor over a spreadsheet. Just curious as to what you would guess.


    1. I don’t keep that level of rubbish on a spreadsheet !

      80-90% accurate, I guess. Lower in rural area like Lincolnshire, though the pub chains like Marston tend to switch their range around a lot. Personally I’d rarely check WhatPub for beers before I go in. Too many descriptions are just “Six changing beers” these days anyway.


    1. Completely confused about this comment, thinking it was something to do with castor sugar and Mary Poppins or something you’d spotted in a shop window, then realised you meant the Bass. Yes, it was still on when I left.


  2. \I really enjoyed reading this tonight -perhaps it is because I have had a “good day ” thank you foryour blo


      1. I am ashamed of myself -all I wanted to say was that I enjoyed reading your blog -note to self -stay away from the keyboard when strong drink has been taken !

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Always appreciate the details; I reckon “Somewhere Only We Know” was one of the better radio songs of the last couple decades. A shame Keane didn’t get very far over here beyond that song (and even that one was a minor hit at best); they’ve done a lot of great stuff.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! No, over here we’ve been allowed to continue enjoying it as one of those songs you’ve only heard a few times before. Sounds like it got played a bit too much over there.

        Ironically, it’s Lily Allen who never even managed Keane’s level of success in the States. I don’t think she’s had a single song over here that got real sustained airplay.

        Liked by 1 person

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