April 2023.


Not just one of the best tracks from one of the best albums of 1982 produced by a Brummie,

but the highlight of my third tick on the Greater Brighton Tickathon.

In truth, the Harvey’s Old was the only highlight of Guide newbie the Maris & Otter,

virtually dead at 3pm and with little of the character of the Poet down the road.

I was charged a fiver for the half initially, and had to do that “Is that right ? For a half ?” dance when you’re not absolutely certain that a pint in Brighton isn’t a tenner now.

Cool and rich, the beer (NBSS 3.5) almost redeemed a soundtrack of “You Oughta Know“, “Weather With You” and this EMO classic;

Yes, good riddance indeed.

Embarrassingly, I left my mobile phone on the bar and had to pop back for it.

Only 10 minutes to my last tick, passing the odd corker of a pub or two,

but it’s the Georgian housing that makes Brighton,

and the street art.

Never mind the art, what’s this big stick in the ground ?

And is there a new micro at the top ?

One thought on “OLD

  1. Shame they didn’t have Harvey’s bitter on at Maris & Otter. You could have had a half-and-half mix of Old and Bitter, known as a Mother-in-law (cringe!)

    I had one at The Lord Nelson in Brighton a couple of weeks ago and it was greater than the sum of its parts, absolutely superb.


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