April 2023.

There’s a lovely guy called Drunken Bunny who runs a pub and kebab blog called the Endless British Pub Crawl (here). Sound familar ? Either he or BRAPA should sue, surely.

The posts are short, daily slices of pub life, and I feel ashamed I haven’t read or commented more. But that’s life. I’ve never actually read a whole BRAPA post, either.

Drunken Bunny admits he’s a month behind on pub posts and seven (7) on kebab reviews. And I thought I was bad.

Two pubs into my Greater Brighton Wednesday Foursome (that’s nearly 50%), it was time for a healthy lunch.

Loads of choice on the Hove to Brighton stretch, some of it artisanal, some not.

The main activities in Hove are getting on a phone queue for tickets to The Who, staring in shop windows and wondering what they really sell.

And avoiding the meteors that drop from the sky onto the Sussex coast at regular intervals.

(That one ended a flash mob version of the Village People classic prematurely).

Yes, yes, I could have had some fruit and veg from the street market. But no-one actually does that,

the pigeon might steal your food.

Best head to Grubbs, and sadly the last survivor (and original branch) of one of the UK’s great fast food chains.

I know that Brighton pubs do exotic meals like (checks notes) pizza and fish and chips and chicken wings these days, but nothing beats a Grubbs burger.

Admire the prices, the flyers and the slurping of the Asian students,

but just make sure you do end up with the Malaysian and fries (top).

And then enjoy it before the seagulls nick it. Gooey, mucky, calorific joy. And to be honest the crispy fries were even better than the burger.

Right, time to tick.

8 thoughts on “GRUBBS BURGERS

  1. I can’t say that I’ve heard of Grubb’s Burgers, let alone come across one of their outlets. Grubb’s reminds me of one of those made-up names, like ACME, although looking at the rather garish, psychedelic flyer, perhaps Stay Sick, had one burger too many!


    1. Grubbs only operated in Brighton, Paul, think they had 4 sites in the city before Covid and retirement meant the founder sold all but the original. They are simple but tasty and very cheap by Brighton standards.

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  2. Thanks for the update, Martin. Sounds like a decent, and genuine type of place, as opposed to these more recent, upmarket start ups, such as Five Guys, or whatever they call themselves.🍔

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